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This is an outstanding example of the effectiveness of home staging. I have my own stories like this, but in case you don't believe me, there is proof in the print from Home on Display. Enjoy.

Original content by Karen Searle, Home On Display

There continue to be many home owners and real estate agents who find it difficult to understand the value of a home staging consultation.  Home On Display offers home staging consultations, which provide the home owner with concrete and detailed recommendations for changes to their homes.  These changes WILL help their property sell more quickly and for the highest price possible.  Home stagers are trained to know what types of changes or renovations will bring the greatest financial return for a seller.

The Consultation

Here is a prime example of how a home staging consultation helped to sell a property.  The property below was for sale for a period of 9 months.  When it was first listed, two firm offers were received.  However, both offers fell through and the owners had not received a single offer in the months following.  They had purchased another property and by the time Home On Display was contacted, they had been paying two mortgages and were desperate to sell.  They changed real estate agents and the new agent paid for Home On Display to provide a staging consultation.

The Challenges

The home was beautiful and had terrific curb appeal.  It had many updated features such as new windows, a new roof and furnace.  So why wasn't it selling?  It looked old, dated and cluttered.  Since securing their second property, the home owners had cleared out a significant amount of their belongings.  However, several rooms continued to feel too busy and cluttered.

The second issue was the paint colours.  There was an open concept plan on the main floor and each room was a different colour.  These colours did not blend together well - in fact, it made the space appear smaller and disconnected.  Home On Display recommended that the entire downstairs be painted in the same neutral colour to freshen the space and to create a greater sense of spaciousness.  The upstairs bedrooms were painted dark green, pink and purple.  Again, it was recommended that these colours be painted out.

The third issue was the carpet in the living room.  It was old, looked dirty and was very stretched, which made it very unappealing.  The owners were very resistant to replacing it but with some convincing, agreed to do so.

The Results

The home owners followed almost every recommendation presented by Home On Display.  They did not agree with all of them but were able to understand the recommendations were being made to help their home sell.  They were finally able to emotionally separate from their home and do the work required.  The owners chose not to use Home On Display to provide additional inventory such as art, bedding and accessories although this was recommended and would have given the home that extra boost.

The real estate agent advised Home On Display that she had shown this property to a young couple last year when it first came on the market.  She asked them to see it again once the work had been completed and they could not believe this was the same property.

Did It Sell?

So, the final result you ask?  THIS HOME SOLD IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH!  Home staging consultations work.  Don't let months go by because your home is not ready to be a Home On Display.  Request a staging consultation BEFORE you list your property and get set to sell!

The Dining Room - Lovely but much too busy

Dining Room-Before-2

Dining Room-After-2

The Green Bedroom - Cluttered and Dark


Bedroom After-2

The Second Bedroom - Pink is fun for living in but not for selling!

Pink Bedroom Before


Dining Room-

Dining Room-After

The Living Room  Area - Way too much furniture and a neglected focal point

Living Room-Before-2

Living Room-After-2


Living Room-Before Staging

Living Room-After Staging

The side foyer - this room could be seen from the dining room - it's country look did not suit the rest of the home.

Side Foyer Before Staging

Side Foyer After Staging

This sun room could be seen from the kitchen and dining room and the colours clashed and broke up the space.

Sunroom Before Staging-2

Sunroom-After Staging-1

Contact Home On Display for a home staging consultation and sell your home quickly and for the greatest profit possible!

Comments (2)

Lori Bowers
La Quinta, CA
The Lori Bowers Group

Amazing what a different color of paint and removing some of the furniture can do.  Not only does it look cleaner and brighter but also larger.  Great before and after pics.

Sep 14, 2010 08:49 AM
Karen Searle, Home On Display
Peterborough, ON

You are absolutely right Lori.  Fresh paint is one of the fastest ways to update your home and the return on investment is fantastic!  Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Sep 16, 2010 04:10 AM