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As a native Nashvillian, I grew up in the south Nashville-Melrose area.  I have lived in Inglewood and two different neighborhoods in Antioch.  Living in Antioch in the 1990s, I remember when Hickory Hollow Mall was bustling and running at full capacity.  JCPenney, Dillard's, and Castner Knott were all there.  Circuit City and Toys R Us were just across the parking lot.  Especially during Christmas time, you could not get down Hickory Hollow Parkway at a faster pace than a snail's crawl because of the shoppers and their traffic.  The 1990s were the boom years.  Then slowly Hickory Hollow Mall began to lose tenants and a lot of the surrounding merchants went out of business.  Dillard's closed their location in the mall and JCPenney moved to Wilson county in Mount Juliet. Circuit City went out of business and Best Buy left the area too.  In recent years, Hickory Hollow Mall has become almost a ghost town. There are currently more empty spaces than tenants.  

The good news is that there may be a whole new purpose for Hickory Hollow Mall and the Antioch area of Hickory Hollow Parkway.  The mayor of Nashville - Mayor Karl Dean proposed a new $18 million dollar plan for Hickory Hollow Mall this past week.  The plans include a public health center, community center, a library, and a park.  The old JCPenney building would become a 19,000 square foot library.  The public park out front would consist of multiple acres.  There are also plans underway to relocate the fairgrounds from near downtown to the the mall also, creating an expo center and space for the flea market in the old Dillard's building.  

These plans will certainly bring the life and vitality back to Hickory Hollow Mall and inject some new life into Antioch

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