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South Puget Sound ASL real estate agent...Hearing impaired clients need agents!

I am a South Puget Sound ASL real estate agent.  I am a hearing person.  In my former career, I taught special education-specifically I taught hearing impaired students (I apologize if you read this post and don't agree with the term 'hearing impaired' as I must follow the non-discriminatory verbiage).  Anyway, I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful woman who was also hearing impaired.  She was trying to purchase a home.  We would chat every day about her struggles to purchase a home.  The lack of communication with her agent was astounding and couldn't have been anything less than frustrating for both her and her agent.  They would finish each home showing and communicate as much as possible (she is an exceptional lip-reader) at the homes that they were looking at.  Afterward (when they'd already left the house) she'd have to email her agent and tell them all her likes and dislikes.  What a pain in the neck! 

Could you imagine not really being able to communicate with your agent or client during a showing?  I can't.  This doesn't only effect hearing impaired clients, any client that speaks a foreign language would have a similar uphill battle to buy or sell a home, right?

I am a fluent user of American Sign Language...are there other real estate agents out there who are fluent signers?  And by that, I don't mean 2 years of college foreign language and has barely signed since...I mean 12+ years of daily signing with hearing impaired community members. 

If you or someone you know communicates using American Sign Language and needs an agent, email me.  If you've worked with someone who requires a foreign language, how did it go? 

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Karen Barbour
Access Homes NC - Cary, NC
Cary, NC ePro

Hi Christen,  I just found your blog entry and I'm excited to have found you! I am fluent in ASL. I grew up with a deaf sister and after she died in 1983 I threw myself into the Deaf community, lived with an interpreter and worked with Deaf staff to where great teachers for what I didn't know!

Now I keep up my skills by goint to Deaf meet ups! Plus in real estate I have quite the niche going. The Deaf community is very willing to share your name with others if you are good!

I hope we can do cross referrals sometime. Seattle is a huge high tech area and so is Cary due to RTP.

Oct 21, 2011 05:30 AM