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Keeping Track of Passwords

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Being a Mom has its advantages.  There are lots of hugs and kisses that make the responsibilities so worth it.  But along with the responsibility comes keeping track of your childrens "stuff".  When my girls were younger it seemed like I always end up with 2 more of everything: 3 library cards, 3 insurance cards, 3 prescription cards, etc.  You get the picture!

Fast forward to today.  My new list of extras is now my password list.  We need a password for everything, from personal to business applications.  Then to add to the frustration, we have to change them at regular interval and then remember them all over again.  It's seems just when I have my password on auto pilot I have to change it again.

I don't know about you but I have run out of favorite memorable words, dates, and sequences.  So what are we suppose to do?   Thankfully there are now portable password mangers like Pass2Go that can memorize and encrypt your passwords for you.  Hopefully I can find an application that will make remembering all of life's passwords a little easier.


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Donna Quanrud