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I hope these sites help you a bit!

Payment Protection for your customers

Has a program for Mortgage Payment: Pays the lesser of 2500 or PITI for upto 6 months within the coverage period, usually 2 years. It starts after 60 days of closing, considered the vesting period. I believe it costs about 650 at closing and the seller or buyer can pay for it at closing. Coverage period depends on the program they choose.



This is a service that connects you directly to voicemail, for clients or customers you simply have to leave a message because they talk too much or for whatever reason. How to use:

  1. Dial 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425) from any landline or mobile phone.
  2. At the voice prompt, enter the U.S. mobile phone number of the person you want to slydial.
  3. You will be directly connected to their voicemail. Leave them a voicemail, sit back and relax.

Great addition to listing services you provide

Create personal pages for your big listings. Only 10 dollars and you can build a site like . Beautiful sites and easy to build.


Facebook Fan Page

1. Pages are public.  Most of Facebook is behind a login, preventing search engines from indexing.  However, some Fan pages are not behind a login and thus search engines can index the page.  Hopefully, people will stumble on the result in SERPs, visit the Facebook page, and then get to your site via the link (see reason #2).

2. Send "updates to fans".  One of the greatest features is that you can send "updates" to fans whenever you want.  It's a nice way of building a database of interested users.  Send messages about new products, updated website, etc.

3. You control the page.  Making the page before a Fan or a competitor is critical.  You want to be able to send the messages, edit or remove sections, and control the information to an extent.

4. News feed.  When a someone joins a Fan page, it's published in their News feed for all their to read (unless they have turned this off).  It makes someone joining your Fan page somewhat viral.

5. It's free



For about 26 a month you can list as many of your listings on craigs list and manage them to refresh them as often as you can to stay at the top of the list. There is some spam that comes through but if it only means a deal a month then it's worth it.


Last thing to help you is to look into a virtual assistant. Usually about 7/ hour and can help you list properties on Craigslist or anywhere else!!!


I hope this helps!

Call me if you need me.

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