I finally made it to Jordan Valley

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I took another Jordan Valley Oregon listing Monday.  I'll post it on localism later today.  I had been trying to get there for a week.  It's 90 some miles from my office!   Malheur County Oregon is huge bigger than several states. 

I get on US 95 and drive through Parma, Wilder and cross the Snake and into Homedale, then there's only 57 more miles.  Then 95 turns south and goes up Marsing Hill - looking back  you have a spectacular view of the Boise and Treasure Valleys. 

Then it's through high desert hills and little canyons till you hit a few ranches then it's only 20 miles.  Jordan Valley is a ranching community with a capital R!  I have history here my great great grandfather Silas Skinner bought a ranch here in 1860 to raise horses for the cavalry.  Don;t know how he even found or heard of this place.  The ranch is still in the family!  Not unfortuneatly my branch! 

The town is small but has everything including a complete school system.  It needs to have everything because it is about 100 to 200 miles away from big towns.  You see ladies from towns like this doing their big grocery shopping in Ontario or Nampa with multiple ice chests in their pickups. 

Jordan Vallley is the gateway to the Owyhee Outback area.  You, the American public own most of the land and theres miles and miles and miles to explore.  To the SW Steens Mountain can be seen clearly when you are somewhat south of town it's about 150 miles away.  The even smaller townette of Rome is a take off place for rafting the Owyhee River in May, and to the East is the mining area of Delamar and the OLD Historic mining town, Silver City. 

An interesting trip made even more serene by the fact that my cell phone won't work there:)


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