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Going GREEN Return on Investment

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Going GREEN Return on Investment

Green and Save.com has a handy table to determine the return on investment (ROI) of many energy saving features a homeowner can add. Energy efficient improvements are organized into several categories including Green Tune-Up, Green Remodeling and Green Advanced Systems. 
Some common green add-ons and their ROI at a glance:
CFL Light Bulbs - Added cost of $60 saving $80 annually with an ROI of 133.3% over 10 years

Programmable Thermostat - Added cost of $115 saving $180 annually with an ROI of 156.5% over 10 years

Hot Water Heater 'Blanket'  - Added cost of $25, saving $30 annually with an ROI of 120% over 10 years

Seal Duct Leaks - Added cost of $450, saving $300 annually with an ROI of 66.7% over 10 years 

Read the complete list here.

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