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South Mountain CommunityThe South Mountain community is a rich and vibrant one filled with people that love the Arizona scenary and weather.  Custom homes stretch out accross the northern base of the South Mountain.  There are many trails for hikers, bikers, and horse back riders up the slope of the mountain where people will be able to hang glide down to the base, or just take in the magnificant view of the city.

All through out the year there are events, festivals, and activities to do around the South Mountain community.  On November 6th their is the annual Festival of Thanksgiving Parade on Central Avenue where the South Mountain community gathers to have a great time and celebrate with one another.  For additional information on what is happening around South Mountain check out the South Mountain Villager's monthly magazine which can be picked up for free around the community.  Their website has a slew of events and activities that people can check out or even volunteer for.

There are several restaurants that are tucked away in the South Mountain community.  One not-so-secret secret is Los Dos Molinos located at Central Ave and Euclid Ave.  I enjoy eating hear primarily for the amazing salsa they serve.  If you haven't had the opportunity to try it out, I would strongly recommend you do.  Another place that I enjoy eating at is Poncho's.  Any restaurant that a president has eaten at is a place to check out, and that holds double with Poncho's.  Their food is great, and their is a lot of it.  When you first walk in, it seems a lot smaller than it is, but then it just seems to get bigger and bigger.

There are plenty of parks around the South Mountain Community and the Thunderbird Country Club is right at the base of South Mountain as well as the easy to find Raven Golf Club of South Mountain.

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