Real Estate Pros Are Fourth in Car Crashes

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Real Estate Pros Are Fourth in Car Crashes

A recent article in New York Newsday based upon information from and Quality Planning Corp. rank realty agents fourth on a list of top 10 vehicle crashers by profession, and experts attribute their high number of accidents to the fact that they are always on the road and frequently talk on the phone while they drive.

The November 2009 study reports an average 102 accidents and 39 speeding tickets per 1,000 real estate brokers on an annual basis.

Wow, only #4.  Who are the others driving, texting, eating, and taking notes while on the phone? 

So who do you think is number 1 thru 3?


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I think it is always a risk to drive. And the person who drivers 100,000 a year is going to be a lot more at risk then someone who only drives 1,000. That being said, it is odds, and there is no reason that the 1,000 mile driver wouldn't be in an accident and the other driver would be safe.

Sep 16, 2010 11:17 AM