LaMorinda Schools Consistently Rank in CA Top 10

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Del Rey Elementary School in Orinda

The reason why LaMorinda (Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda) API School Scores are so high is that the district focuses on improving it year over year. I spoke with a few Miramonte High School parents and they all confirmed that 99% of the students who just graduated in 2010 are moving onto 4 year colleges and it was published in the yearbook with the colleges the seniors were attending. There were only 10 out of 400+ seniors who were not moving onto college. 9 of the 10 chose to take a break because of other plans/opportunities but they all will attend college the year after. This is pretty indicative of the other Acalanes School District schools too and the reason why they are ranked in the top 10 in the state. My neighbors to the left of me have boys at Stanford and Davis. On the other side of me the boys went to Oregon State and UCSF (mom was my daughter’s kindergartner teacher). I would say that the parent culture in LaMorinda is academic as well as sports, but academics is #1 priority. We have high achievers in this community (parents and students).


Fund raising arms for each town bring in over a million dollars per school to help bridge the gap from the short fall of state funding. This is another reason why LaMorinda schools have been able to maintain their curriculum despite state budget cuts. Additionally, Orinda just passed a parcel tax of approximately $312 per parcel to help fund our schools. Lafayette and Moraga have similar parcel taxes. I hope these facts help you understand how serious academics is here in LaMorinda. If your educational priorities are academic creativity and resources they are in line with the community of LaMorinda.

LaMorinda School Links Note: There is only one middle and high school in each town, but all 3 high schools belong to the same school district: Acalanes School District which also included one other high school in Walnut Creek (Las Lomas HS)


Acalanes High School District API Scores 2010

  • Campolindo (Moraga)   920
  • Acalanes (Lafayette)     898
  • Miramonte (Orinda)      930
  • Los Lomas (Walnut Creek) 858

The only other high school near to us is Piedmont:

Piedmont (Piedmont) 903

School Fundraising entities of each town:

EFO (Education Foundation of Orinda) :

MEF (Moraga Education Foundation):

LASF (Lafayette Arts & Science Foundation):

I have been personally involved with EFO, Del Rey Elementary School and Orinda Intermediate School fund raising. I also developed the online payment system for EFO to make installment payments, making it easier for parents to donate.

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