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With all that is currently happening to mortgage brokers, loan officers, lenders, and legislation, you must take a few steps now to possibly save your client base in the future. I see a trend with loan officers where they have to change mortgage brokers, switch companies, or join a branch.

What happens to their clients after that move can be devastating. You see, they've been using the company email address, and directing clients to the company website. What now? They've moved, their website is down, and their email doesn't work. Their old clients now think the worst.

My suggestions for individual loan officers:

1. Get your own website address. It's easy to purchase one that will always be branded to you no matter what changes you make in the future. Go to www.GoDaddy.com to purchase a domain for about $10/year. Here's a hint: Do a google search for "godaddy promo codes" to get your domain on sale. All you need to purchase is the domain, no hosting, privacy protection, none of that other stuff is necessary, just your domain.

2. Purchase your own website that brands you as an individual. Of course we offer mortgage websites, and I biasely think we're the best for you, here's more info: MorSystems mortgage websites for individual loan officers we offer a website of your own that brands you as the loan officer to go to, with tools like online loan apps, auto rates, referral partner webpages etc. on the Gold version.

3. Get an email address that matches your website address and use that instead of your company email address on your marketing (as long as your company allows this) Your website provider like MorSystems offers this option, it's called Webmail and it can connect to your outlook, your phone, or forward to another email address. Lets say you purchased www.johndoeloans.com you could have an email address that is anything@johndoeloans.com like info@ or apply@ or john@.

With your own website address, your own website and your own email, you are more ready for the future and you can make big moves if needed without losing your own personal branding, or starting from scratch.

Be ready, be flexible, be resilient! Brand yourself.


Mark Edwards
East West Realty - Suffolk, VA
East West Realty


These are great tips for Loan officers but it's true for Realtors as well. We've always beleived in branding the new home community we're developing first and foremost, but we're moving towards more agent promotion as well.


Mark in Virginia

Jan 09, 2011 11:56 PM