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Laveen MeadowsLaveen Meadows is a wonderful subdivision in Laveen, Arizona that is right across the street from the Laveen Farms subdivision.  All of the wonderful features of Laveen Farms is shared with its neighbor Laveen Meadows.  Located near the eastern side of where the Salt River and Gila River Indian Reservation meet, this is a wonderful nook for those that love to feel apart of a community, that is secluded from the city, but not too far from the excitement of the city. 

Once Laveen was made exclusively of farms. Since 2003, more and more homes and neighborhoods have been built. But look around the area of Laveen Meadows and their is still plenty of the farm left. The area has beautiful views of South Mountain in the distance and Laveen Meadows has little to fear about over crowding due to the Gila River Indian Reservations so close. With restaurants and shopping a few minutes drive, this subdivision feels nicely secluded from the hustle of the city.

Another great feature of Laveen Meadows is the Bougainvilla Golf Club that is only a few blocks down the street that is affordable for the golfers in the family. There is also a few casino's that are located only a few miles away.

If you have been looking in this subdivision for a home or maybe you need a professional that is extremely familiar with the area and has worked extensively in the Laveen community for the last 15 years I would be more than happy to help you. Whether you are looking for a professional to come and landscape, build an extension, need some repairs around the house, or looking to put in a pool, I know all the best, most qualified people to help you.

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