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Attention Mr. Seller:  There are important factors that help determine your property value.  To help determine how long it will take to sell your home, the proper balance of these factors will expedite your sale.


Property condition affects price and speed of the sale.  Optimizing physical appearance and advance preparation for marketing maximizes value.  A well staged home sells faster and for more money.


Buyers compare your property to competing properties and there are plenty out there.  Buyers interpret value based on available properties.


Location is the single greatest factor affecting value.  Neighborhood desirability is basic to a property's fair market value.  A quiet neighborhood is very attractive to buyers.


It is very important for young families to select an area with excellent school district.  Long Island, NY has excellent school system and it is the reason most buyers from New York city and its surrounding boroughs are flocking to Long Island.  Each school district has its own merits and buyers have their own preference. 


The real estate market may reflect a sellers' market or a buyers' market.  Market conditions cannot be manipulated; an individually tailored marketing plan must be developed accordingly.


Even if all the above conditions are favorable, if the property is not properly priced, a sale may be delayed or even prevented.  Reviewing Comparative Market Analysis will assist you in determining the best possible price.  OVERPRICED HOMES WILL NEVER SELL. 


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