LOOKS like it is beginning to look a lot like ....Rain.!

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It’s RAINING it’s Poring! Check out the flow! Ah the sweet smell of Rain. Active RAIN that is...

 Active RAin vs.  realtor.org

This is really taking off and picking up momentum.  We definitely want to see this baby grow. I found this on Alexa.com I thought it would be interesting to everyone.


You can click on the graph or on the following link to keep a eye on how much Active Rain will be flooding the Web.




Can we buy a little piece of the company now, please?


I think you guys are on to something. 


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Pete Willner
Broker Direct Real Estate - Murrieta, CA
There is no doubt AR is picking up speed, I have no doubt it will blaze past many of the older more established sites.

Pete Willner
Who Will? Pete Will!

Broker Direct Real Estate
Murrieta, CA.
Nov 04, 2006 12:12 PM
Barry Hurd
123 Social Media - Seattle, WA

I don't know...

I think ActiveRain is doing a great job, but Realtor.com has some great folks over there working on some pretty nifty projects. I'm amazed some of them haven't materialized yet...

As an online marketer I really don't like Alexa. The numbers don't really mash up with what I know from experience. For instance I know that Alexa says 39 sites link to ActiveRain. We all know that number is incorrect. I'm pretty sure 500 to 2500 sites link back to ActiveRain, in fact I'm sure a lot of professionals on AR have links from their main site.

As a marketer... the more flawed numbers I see in an automated reporting system, the more doubt I have in any other number produced by the same system. (Just think, 39 of 500? That's over a 90% marging of error)

I'm hoping that ActiveRain has great numbers behind the scenes and installs some more intensive tracking systems for users in the future.  


Nov 04, 2006 04:22 PM
Rosa Elena Martinez
BPO Realty LLC - Lake Worth, FL

I am sure they are off but even if the margin of error is 90% then Active rain is doing even better.

Who do you like to use for rating sites?

I also think that Realtor.com and .org are doing great thinks, I just thought that the chart was shocking when Active rain has only been around for 6 months,  and the sites don't even pop up on Alexa if they have less they are not in the to 100k.

Nov 04, 2006 10:47 PM
Karla Bass
Rebel Cook Real Estate - Tequesta, FL
Tequesta Real Estate
Well let's just keep learning to use all these tools to help us network and grow our businesses!
Jan 08, 2007 12:14 AM