Constant Contact's Enewsletters - A Nice Way to Keep in Touch with Your Sphere

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We always hear that it's important to keep in touch with our sphere, our A and B list, or whatever we call those top people in our lives who help promote our business.  They are the cream of the crop.  They are the people we most enjoy working with and know whomever they refer to us is going to be just as pleasant to work with.  Brian Buffini teaches to cultivate this group and to Work By Referrals.  I decided to lauch a new component of my social media marketing and try out enewsletters.

I sampled Constant Contact's 2 month trial over the summer to learn more about their service. It offered 60 days for free.  There were certain limitations such as the number of photos you could upload and the number of contacts that could be added to the database, but it was a good way to see what I could potentially use the enewsletters for and to practice writing them myself. 

The process of creating a newsletter was very simple, though I have to admit I've had quite a bit of practice already with social media and website template management.  The newsletter began, for me, quite simple.  I hadn't thought about adding links and creating a drive for action.  It took me 3 months to figure out that I should be linking my website, blog and other social media into the newsletter to keep people interested in reading and to create more depth to my newsletter. Because I've been blogging for over 2 years, it was easy to tap into other related articles I'd written and use their links to embellish my news articles. 

I registered for six months with Constant Contact because I enjoyed the informative, non-pushy form of communication I could offer my sphere on a monthly basis.  I was able to track who'd opened the newsletter, who'd forwarded it on to friends, and who'd followed my links.  In the future I will be able to add video links and create a more multimedia experience, all in a newsletter.

I've begun offering monthly sales stats from Cheshire County (NH) and adding a personal article about myself.  Additionally, if I am giving a workshop to first time buyers that month, or a seminar on short sales, I can add information about that as well.

If you would like to receive monthly enewsletter, please send me your full name by email to

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