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me me'd

--While I'm sure Shawn felt I would never get to this I will attempt to respond to an meme that was sent to me by Shawn McElhinney asking for five things about me and which gives me the opportunity to tag three others to do likewise. Here goes...

1. My life pretty much revolves around my family which is my wife and my 3 children.  They are 4, 1.5, and 2 months.  We didn't necessary plan on having this many so quick but let's just say good things happen for a reason.

2. I played fairly competive baseball (amateur baseball) until my body could no longer take about 3 years ago.  I miss hanging with the guys but don't miss the 4-5 hour commitment 3-4 times a week.  I have also found out that there are a lot of fun activities in MN without having to play baseball.

3. I have lived in Minnesota my entire life and is the same area of Minnesota basically my whole life, so I guess that kinda makes me a towny.

4.I am a guy who loves a good laugh and I guess you will understand the humor I love if you know that my favorite TV show is "Rescue Me."  That show may affend a few so sorry!

5.  Books that I love are written by Vince Flynn.  Kick ass CIA opertive type of novels.  Also just happens that he is also from Minnesota!

5.  I love what I do and believe that it is reflected in what I am able to do for my customers and referral partners.  Because of this the "mortgage meltdown of 2007" is really a speed bump with a huge opportunities to grow!!

Now it looks like I get to learn about 3 more people.


Joe Bartolotta--


Ken Stampe--


Now it's your turn to pick 3.

You have been meme'd

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Kim Murphy
Draper and Kramer - Lombard, IL
Mortgage Loans in DuPage, Kane, Cook, Lake, Will C
David - I LOVE Rescue Me!  and I agree with you on #5!  Good Me-Me!
Aug 29, 2007 03:11 PM