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Why Do I Need A Realtor

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Great response to a very common question.  You wouldn't fly yourself on vacation, because the risk of a mistake is too great.  My job for my clients is to minimize, if not eliminate, the risks involved with the largest financial decision my clients are making.  This is a huge responsibility, and involves a process with many different moving parts.  Parts that could cost my buyer or seller valuable time, expense, and equity.  I don't take my profession lightly.

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Real estate is not rocket science, in fact in some respects selling real estate is simple. There is however a big difference between simple and easy. Someone once told me many years ago that bull riding is simple. You keep the bull between you and the ground. It is simple, but it is not easy. Ultimately, a good Realtor's® greatest value comes from being able to guide you safely through the sale or purchase process. The average home owner may only purchase and sell three or four houses in a lifetime. In the 13 years I have been in real estate, I have personally sold around 300 homes representing buyers and sellers. Every sale has held valuable lessons that I use to help guide my home owners and home buyers.

David Gallup, a very well respected Realtor® at Remax 200 Realty compares our job to that of an airline pilot. Our job is to get you where you want to be safely. It is not always a smooth flight, but an experienced pilot knows how to chart a safe course and when to turn on the fasten safety belts sign. Today's real estate market has a lot of turbulence, whether you are selling or buying. For homeowners who need to sell, your Realtor® can help you understand values in your area, and can offer marketing suggestions to make your home stand out in a crowded market. We are still in a very strong buyers market in many segments, but that does not mean there are not pitfalls. A good Realtor® can help home buyers and investors get the most for their money.

You would never think to try and pilot the jet on your next trip, because there is too much at risk if you make a mistake. The pilot has logged hundreds or even thousands of hours in the cockpit and probably made the same trip many times before. Selling or buying, you should have a Realtor® that you have confidence in representing you and your interests. There is too much at risk, not to.

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