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Highest Price Lake Chelan Home Sales by year, including 2010 so far!

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As you can imagine, most "highest priced" homes in the Lake Chelan area are waterfront homes. So far, in 2010, the highest price home sale was $2,050,000 for a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath approximately 6000 square foot home at 142 Spader Bay Road in the City of Chelan. This is pretty close to last year's high sale, if you don't count the big property sale, of $1.95 million.

The 2009 highest price sale was a $3.5 million property with a couple of older homes on it, which are likely to be remodeled or removed, making it sort of a waterfront land sale. The actual highest price home that is likely to be used close to as it was sold was a $1.95 million dollar sale of a north shore home.

In 2008, the highest price residential sale was a home at 1215 Wapato Way in Manson. This is a 7 bedroom, 4 bathroom home on 1.05 acres of 4000 square feet. It was originally priced at $3.897 million and was not on the Chelan MLS until it sold. It’s estimated construction age is 1945. The second highest price sale in 2008 was a home at 85 Lord Acre Road for $2.8 million for a 6 bedroom 3.5 bathroom home. This home is a bit older with a spectacular waterfront. The third highest priced Lake Chelan home in 2008 sold for $2.45 million at 3406 SR 150 in Manson and was recent construction with 5 bedrooms and 4+ bathrooms.

For 2007, the highest price home was again in Manson, at 2528 Wapato Way (Highway 150). This home had 1.94 acres of land with 119′ of waterfront, 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms and was built in 1954. It was on the MLS 125 days and was originally priced at $3.75 million. Most likely, the value was mostly in the land. The second highest price residential Lake Chelan Sale in 2007 was for $2.4 million. This was a 2 year old, 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home of 3400 square feet on .19 acres. It was on the MLS 178 days and originally priced at $2.5 million.