Don't be a Jackass - Using Social Media to Get Real Estate Investors

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The thing about using social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and etc. to find investors - people interested in investing in real estate - is that to make them work for you, you have to be cool about it.

Social media is like a big party. And guess what? Investors in real estate go to that party all the time! So when you're at the "Social media Party" give some information about yourself, be kind and just a bit laid back. You WILL find investors that way - people will come to you. :)

Here are five quick tips:

(1) Get Tweetdeck and post about 20 tweets per day, from 7:30 AM EST to 11:30 PM EST, about an hour apart, with some variation. The objective is to find investors, and they are on and off Twitter all the time. You want to be seen by people interested in investing real estate when they have it up on screen.

(2) Schedule the posts all at one time so you're done with it.

(3) What you want to tweet are "on-point" ezine articles, others blog posts, etc. to help you find investors interested in those subjects. Don't talk about you, and for heaven's sake don't often send them to a sales message of any kind. (Be cool, remember?)

(4) To find things to tweet use Google Reader and subscribe to - and I really mean this - at least two or three hundred sources you can easily search in a quick half hour every night so you can schedule them for next day. Investors real estate types of articles.

(5) Every 30 to 50 tweets or so (and one expert, Don Crowther, says as few as every 200) it is cool to talk about you, or send them to a page that concerns what you do. Again though, that should not be a hard core sales page. Instead it might be a page that offers a free download or other good, free content. Then if they opt-in for the freebie you can set up an auto responder process on Aweber or whatever list builder you use, and send a series of informative e-mails that lead up to a sales offer.

Bonus Tip 1: Use humor - you will find investors like it! Make between 10% and 20% of your tweets related posts about humorous material related to your business. Remember that this really is a party, and people have some fun at parties! If you season your tweets with a little humor once in a while more people will "follow" you and more of them will introduce you to others.

Here is an example of a tweet I sent recently, and it is fun: "In real estate? You may NOT want to be this showing agent!! Funny, skitzy video. :)"

Bonus Tip 2: Send tweets that encourage and affirm which again are not related to your business. One of the experts in the field, Perry Belcher, says as many as 30% of his tweets are in this category. You will find investors will often appreciate this, too, and it helps build a relationship since investors in real estate will understand you have a sense of humor, too!

The main thing with using social media is to add value and connect with people.

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Comments (4)

Marilyn Boudreaux
Marilyn Boudreaux, Century 21 Bono Realty - Lake Charles, LA
Lake Charles LA Century 21 Realtor

LOL  I loved the video and you are soooo right

Sep 20, 2010 10:53 AM
Brad Rachielles
CENTURY 21 Peak, Ca BRE# 01489453 - Upland, CA


We Newbies are probably the most frequent violators of your valuable encouragement. As a leading edge "baby Boomer" translating hard sell into social media was error filled at first. Thanks for your post. Have recommended it for feature post. Best of success!

Sep 20, 2010 10:58 AM
Mike Wong
Keller Williams Realty Southwest - Sugar Land, TX
Realtor: Commercial, Residential, Leasing, Invest

I cant imagine myself tweeting 20 times per day. Great tips though. Just curious to hear about the results and statistics of your work doing this.

Sep 20, 2010 11:26 AM
Patrick Dague
Get Investors Now - San Diego, CA
Find Investors Coach

Hey Mike! Thanks for the comment (and thanks to the others for their comments, too.) So look, you don't personally tweet 20 times per day. Who has time for that? Let Tweetdeck or some other automated software do it for you. You spend perhaps 20 to 30 minutes selecting articles, inspirational things and fun stuff to tweet, or get an assistant to do it. This is not from me, by the way. I'm simply repeating what several high-end social media marketing coaches are telling me, people like Don Crowthers. They say you need to be frequent and tweet good, inspirational, funny or otherwise valuable content. That will make you a "valued tweeter" and lead to more business as your name recognition spreads. Have a great day - let your light shine! Patrick Dague.

Sep 20, 2010 12:28 PM