Time is running out for the $1500 Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency!

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I just saw this post by Judith and had to be-blog it.  I simply love the first paragraph...how true!  Also, what a great reminder about the $1,500 tax credit deadline.

Original content by Judith Jensen

You know that phenomenon when you are thinking about buying a particular car and then all of a sudden you constantly see that car on the road? Or you learn about something or a word you have never seen or heard before and then for the next week, you constantly see and hear it whether on tv in the newspaper or magazine?

Green designation

Well last week I earned my Green Designation with the NAR, and ever since then it is amazing just how many products/services have caught my attention because they are considered either ecofriendly, sustainable, made from recycled products etc. But what has really struck me was until now I did not take notice of the up to $1500 green tax credit incentive for homeowners which was/is available for the for the 2009/2010 tax year. It is essentially a 30% discount off of your purchase of energy efficient products for the home and that discount is given by way of a tax credit on your income taxes.  The credit is for purchases such as energy efficient windows, doors , roofing, insulation, a/c, furnace, water heater etc purchased during 2009 and 2010.

The link below will direct you to the Energy star website which provides all the details and specifics of taking advantage of the tax credit and which products qualify. Keep in mind that the product has to be more than Energy Star rated, it has to meet other criteria as well. So you might want to check out the website before purchasing any products.

If you are like me and have been putting off some home remodeling projects (such as replacing that 14 year old hot water heater) this soon to expire tax credit may just be the incentive yologo energy staru need to finally take action. But you better hurry up, December 31st is right around the corner!




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