Find Investors: Should Accredited Investors Move More Assets from Stocks to Real Estate?

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In 2005 it was becoming increasingly obvious that the real estate market was headed for a sharp downturn. The “real estate bubble” was talked about by pundits everywhere, and for once they were right. There was a bubble, it did pop, and prices plummeted.

Now real estate prices are still at a very low level, particularly when considering replacement costs, and the game has changed. As it always does! There is now more intrinsic long-term value to be had in real estate than ever. Meanwhile many analysts have started calling for a stock market decline.

Evidence of the potential serious decline in the stock market that may come about this year, heralding the start of a possible double dip recession, is shown in the volatility we have been seeing. Over the last few weeks there have been a number of very large moves up and down.

With the stock market this volatile it seems to many analysts (I'm sure you read them, too) that another sharp, major long-term decline is a very real possibility.

Accredited investors would do well to move a big part of their portfolio into a safe, income producing residential-type real estate assets of some kind; that will be a safe harbor until things stabilize into more normal patterns.

If your friends and investors can’t afford the large losses that may result from another stock market plunge, this advice may apply to them. When you discuss with them the potential problem and offer a reasonable solution, you will be providing a valuable service.

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G. Patrick Dague, Business Coach
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Comments (1)

Marsha Montoya Mayer
Paradise Properties of Florida, Inc. - Palm Beach, FL


I like your pitch, very soft spoken, but a point well taken.  Whether stocks plunge again or not I believe we have reached the bottom of the bell-curve in residential real estate, especially in south Florida.  Many great 'deals' aaround.

Sep 20, 2010 12:57 PM