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The real estate investing business runs on other people’s money, and having good sources for it is important. One of the best sources is accredited investors who are somewhat advanced in years.

Using Older People’s Money

The most important aspect to keep in mind here is that older accredited investors are generally pretty sharp and of course they have a lot of life experience. They know how to make good decisions, which is how they built up wealth and managed to keep it. Bear that in mind when talking with them!

You will likely get a lot of questions at the front end. That is part of the trust-building that must take place for you to develop a solid relationship, so welcome the questions and be as forthright as possible with your answers. Never keep any negative or possible downside of a deal to yourself, and if the investor does not inquire about it bring it up. That is critical to your long-term relationship with them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that they need you and want your help, so bring a genuinely helpful attitude to each discussion. These older folks are smart, and they will "tune in" on that. :-)

By the way, a good way to open discussions is to do a mailing to zip codes with high net worth people and invite them to a lunch or dinner presentation. Then have a 30 minute before-dinner presentation with slides. That is a great way to open relationships with older people who are accredited investors. There is a lot of "older peoples money" around - and they definitely want and need help in deciding what to do with it.

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