How Do Bed Bugs Affect Real Estate?

Real Estate Agent with Fathom Realty

     I am working with an investor client who is interested in low cost condo and townhome properties.  We are, of course, considering location to public transportation, changing neighborhood demographics, etc.  A new component of the due diligence for these properties is checking the Bed Bug Registry.

      In our high income, ultra educated area there are already four confirmed cases of bed bugs.  This may affect the property value for some time and will no doubt affect cash flow short term.

      When showing properties where you consider there may be a possibility of bedbugs, fleas, etc. wear light colored pants.  They will show the bugs the quickest.  Do not take a purse or backpack in to these properties. Keep a trash bag in the car and change of clothes.  If need be, you can change clothes and keep your infested clothing in the trash bag until you reach a washing machine with hot water.  Freezing works, too.