Short Sale or Foreclosure in Temecula Valley

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Short Sale or Foreclosure in Temecula Valley?  That is the question a lot of homeowners are having to ask themselves who live in Temecula.  Don't know which way to go in this market?  Can a short sale stop the foreclosure process?  Who can do a short sale?  Who qualifies? When will I have to move?  These are all great questions that the Temecula Valley homeowners are asking. As a Real Estate Consultant it is important to help homeowners find the answers.  Together with the homeowner we can:

  • Analyze the Current Value of your Home
  • Decide if this is a good time to sell
  • Consider options for the distressed Mortgage that can minimize your loss.
  • Help you find a way to move forward
  • Help make the process go as easy as possible

If you are having difficulties pay your mortgage there are options out there.  Just ask for help.


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That is the question. I like this blog becuase a lot of home owners are not sure what the best solution is. If they short sale, it's not a gurantee, and if they foreclose their credit is shot. either way can be the wrong way in some cases. thanks for sharing.

Oct 20, 2010 05:51 AM