Avoid Foreclosure in NY with our Short Sale Quick Sale Program:

Real Estate Agent with 1800 Cashout Realty

This program is for short sale listings only. A

short sale is defined as the sale of a home when sales proceeds do not fully

pay off the existing loans and the lender accepts a discounted payoff to fully

satisfy the loan. The best part is the existing lender pays virtually all sales

costs, including commissions, escrow and title fees and repair costs. You get

your home sold and avoid foreclosure.

With this program we will process and negotiate the short sale with you

lender free of charge (usually a $2,000 - $4,000 fee from most companies).

We will also give you a free Lien and Judgment search on the property

to ensure there are no issues when you go to closing on the sale. You

will receive a free 1-800-Cash-Out MasterCard with $500.00 loaded on

it and ready to spend once we receive everything we need to negotiate

your short sale! This is a pre-loaded debit card not a credit card so the

money doesn't have to be paid back at all. Once the home is sold we will

relocate you into a rental if you would like and we will waive our realtor

commission on that transaction.


 Tim Finn

95 Broadhollow Road - 2nd Floor

Melville, NY 11747

Office: 1-888-429-6606 EXT 710



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