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Palm Springs Homes, In Vista Las Palmas, Sunmor, The Indian Canyons and Twin Palms Neighborhoods Capture the World's Attention...Allure & A New Buzz, From Afar

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Recent Palm Springs Homes' Buyers from Paris, France left a lasting impression on me.  They, like many of my Buyers, have traveled to Palm Springs to luxuriate at their favorite boutique resort 'in the world' (send me a note and I will tell you which one).  And while I was showing them potential Palm Springs Homes which fit their preferences, they presented me with a copy of the June 2010 AD (Architectural Digest) Magazine, France Edition with cover story 'Californie Forever...A Louer A Palm Springs'.  My Buyers spoke of the great 'new buzz' in Paris, and throughout France, of Palm Springs Homes' unique architecture and the renowned desert lifestyle. 

Why, I asked them, do you and other Parisians love Palm Springs Homes?  Their answer was expressed with typical 'French' passion and a wide range of emotional flair, yet simply to me, they said it was all about the glamour of the Palm Springs Homes -- the modernism architecture, the desert modernism style of the indoor and outdoor casual lifestyle, and the magnificent backdrop setting of the San Jacinto and the Santa Rosa Mountain views.  This is what the Parisians love, they told me, the beauty of Palm Springs, CA and Palm Springs Homes' modernism architecture, unique in the world.  ...and this is the essence captured by the AD Magazine, France Edition article featuring Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Homes

Can you name the Neighborhoods where these Palm Springs Homes Are Located?

Where Is This Original Alexander Palm Springs Home located in Palm Springs?

Twin Palms Mid-Century Modern Home



And the answer is: 

The 'Twin Palms' Neighborhood of Palm Springs Homes





Where Is This Desert Modernism-Styled Home located in Palm Springs?


Palm Springs Desert Modern Home In The Indian Canyons



And the answer is:

The 'Indian Canyons' Neighborhood of Palm Springs Homes



My great reward, as a Palm Springs Realtor Buyer's Agent, is the very special opportunity I have to work with Buyers from all parts of the US and internationally; my Parisian clients being only one example.  They have discovered the allure of Palm Springs Homes, the unique Mid-Century Modern and Desert Modern Architecture and the casual desert lifestyle of Palm Springs, CA. 

From my experience, the Palm Springs Homes' buzz is real, 'A Louer A Palm Springs', and it is coming from afar!





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You're making me homesick.  I was just telling someone today when the temperature maybe got up to 60*'s today, and weatherman is promising frost tonight, ugh, how I miss palm trees and how I want to visit Palm Springs soon.  I miss the heat. :)

Oct 29, 2010 04:04 PM
COMPASS - Palm Springs, CA
COMPASS Palm Springs - Broker Associate

Great to hear that International Buyers are interested in Palm Springs Real Estate.

And buying with €'s must really make the homes exceptional value.

Oct 30, 2010 02:19 AM