New York Home Loans News: Thierry Henry Buys Soho Penthouse

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French soccer star Thierry Henry has just bought a penthouse in New York City for

 $9 million, reports

The recently-signed New York Red Bulls star purchased a fancy five-floor, triple-bedroom suite that should help Henry feel right at home in his new city.

The new pad features two steam showers in the master bedroom. Not too shabby, right?

Ok, so most of us can’t afford a $9 million apartment in SoHo. And we’re probably not thinking about making any huge financial investments. Most of us are still cutting back (as we should be). But, there is good news, though!


Refinance with New York Home Loans

If you’re going to wait out the economic storm, mortgage rates are at record lows. Really, rates haven’t been this low since the very first McDonalds restaurant opened. No one is sure how long low mortgage rates are going to last, but there’s no denying that the time to get started on that home refinance you’ve been wondering about is right now.

Work with a New York Home Loans Expert

This is a great opportunity to evaluate your financial situation and see if refinancing with New York home loans is the right choice (it probably is). Depending on your financial situation, you could save thousands in interest by locking-in a lower rate.

I know many are still treading lightly because of the faltering economy. But, everyone should at least consider refinancing before rates go back up. As good friend and mortgage expert Joel Gurman says, “Rates may never be this low again!”

As a Quicken Loans home loan expert licensed in New York, I have helped many clients buy a new home or refinance into a lower monthly mortgage payment. Whether you want to refinance or buy a home, if you’re ready to move forward get in touch with me at Quicken Loans today!


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