When a picture is worth a thousand words......

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My little girl made me the proudest dad in the USA! 

When a picture is worth a thousand words

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I know what you're thinking, "How could you possibly take a picture and post it with a deer's tongue hanging out like that?!".  Well, because it's the only one we got!  And, I'm not going to delete it or not share with others who can appreciate what it means when a child shoots her first deer!  I know I'll take a few verbal beatings from some folks, but I'll get a lot of high praises for posting this blog.  I'm not ashamed of what we do as hunters and I'm certainly nothing less but proud of my little girl.  All too often when we send out email blasts, we get responses from those that mention how disgusted they are to physically threatening us and our families.  Heck, someone even threated to stick hot forks in the eyes of our children...Really??  This blog is not about that though, for those of you that can appreciate and are proud of our little future hunters, read on.  If you can't appreciate the incredible resource that god has provided for us through wildlife, then don't read anymore.  But whatever you do, try not to think about the cute clucks of that precious chicken you're about to take a bite out of for lunch, or the big eyes of that small calf that has grown into a big bull that made that awesome angus burger from McDonalds you ate last night on the way home from work.

Just the other day, my proud baby girl, Breanna, shot her first deer!  It was a 50 yard shot with a muzzleloader that dropped it in it's tracks.  It wasn't too many years ago when my son shot his first deer and I will never forget these days.  Both of them were 5 years old at the time and although some say that may be too early, but you have to remember that my kids grow up the grandson of a deer farmer.  Sam Collora, of Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lure couldn't be prouder when he saw his daughter's smiling, blood-inked cheeks as we rolled into the drive way to show off to the entire family. From the time our kids are brought into this world, they are lucky enough to grow up learning everything from how deer communicate to their social structure, to their place in our lives.  For my in-laws, they are livestock that provide a living for their entire family.  For me, they are a limited resource that occupy the land that we love to cultivate, improve, and sell to others that have the dreams of owning their own piece of the American dream. 

Taking a child hunting, even if it's not you're own, can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.  My son, who is now 10, got to watch himself on an episode of "The Industry" television show just yesterday as it aired across hundreds of thousands of homes on the Sportsman Channel.  You can only begin to imagine his excitement and giggles as he watched himself for the first time in the edited version of his biggest buck hunt yet!  He smashed a giant 167" buck from a tower blind last year in early October and that deer sits on the wall for all to see now.  It makes for one proud boy to show off his biggest trophy to all of his friends that stay over from time to time and clients that we've invited into our home since last october!  We at LandAndGame.com wish the best to all of you and your children as you set foot afield this fall.  As you enjoy the fruits of your labor from the sweat you've put into your food plots to the blood on your knuckles from fixing up your discs and plows, enjoy your harvests and encourage others to do the same! 



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