How the building inspection on new construction went....

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The builder is a hands on guy who has been building individual houses--not developments--for 40 years. He prides himself that he usually one has one or two quick fixes to do in the extensive personal walk-through that he does with every buyer. My clients are New Yorkers who tell me that New Yorkers don't trust anyone and that I should not take it personally. They found their own building inspector (and their own title company and their own attorney.) OK. Their building inspector was kind of a prima donna. Luckily, he knew his building science. It turned out really well for everyone! The report was extremely detailed with lots of pictures--including infra-red images. One of those infra-red images helped the builder get a new perspective on the HVAC system. Clients in almost the same house that he had built down the street had been having trouble with hot and cold spots in their house. The builder decided to share the image with his HVAC guy. It worked out great for everyone!

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