It's NOT the Economy and It's NOT a Slump.....

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Common theme this week.  I just can't seem to get away from it.  Is it really the economy or is it your favorite media outlet feeding you the bologna?  I have my suspicions.  As far as the real estate market is concerned, it is what you make it.  You the consumer make the market.  I can't say that enough.  I'm not saying get out there and spend money you don't have, but in order to jump-start a market there has to an ebb and flow of buying and selling.  If you are a sales person in this market and you aren't selling and you use the excuses "it's the economy" or "we're in a slump", SHAME ON YOU!!  It is what you make it.  Earlier today I asked about your frequency?  You are what you attract.  Put yourself out there as someone who wants to sell or buy, or do whatever it is you do and do it at a level of positivism that would make a cheerleader puke.  It's the only way to survive in this "economy'.  Stop for a moment and consider it is YOU that is in the slump.

Here are some reasons for being in a slump- you can control your attitude regarding all these things.  You are what you perceive....

Poor belief system. I don't believe that my company or product is the best. I don't think that I'm the best.
Poor work habits. Getting to work late, or barely "on time." Not spending your time with people who can say "yes."
Misperceptions that lead to sour grapes. I think my prices are too high, or my territory is bad.
Outside pressure. Caused by money problems, family problems, or personal problems.
Poor personal habits. Too much drink, too much food, or too much after hours play.
Boss giving crap instead of support. Someone who says, "You better do it," instead of, "I know you can do it."
Events that go against you. New salesperson passes you, someone else gets promoted and you knew it should have been you.
Customer cancels a big order. Weakening your personal belief or causing severe money problems - or both.
Competition cuts price and steals the order. This is the new reality of business.
Getting depressed. From any of the above.

When you're in a slump, you begin to press for orders instead of working your best game plan (which is: "sell to help the other person," and let your sincerity of purpose shine through). When you have the pressure to sell, the prospect senses it, and backs off.

Then things get worse. You can't seem to sell at all, and begin to panic. Oh my gosh, I can't sell a thing, I'll get fired and miss my house payment. Aaaahhhhhh! False fear. Relax, you're better than that.

Unfortuantely, I think this is not the case with Albert Pujols and his STL Cardinals.  Sorry Alby, you're in a slump and your Cardinals aren't going to make the post season.  Truly unfortunate considering your bid for the triple crown.  I'd like to say it ain't too late..get back on that horse and let those bats rip, but it is too late.  See there seems to be an "I" in team around the Cardinals organization and it starts for me with Colby Rasmus.  Colby, I would take Albert's advice and show up to do your job with a good attitude and be diligent.  Shut your mouth and do your best.  It is just that easy.  Do you know how lucky you are to be doing what little boys around the world dream of doing?  You're an excellent outfielder and anyone would welcome your presence, as long as you're a positive presence.

This all goes for business and in everyday life as well. No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer.  Come in to your place of employment, home, or whatever activity you are participating in with a positive attitude and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE- Believe it and above all else KNOW it.

For your Best Home Field Advantage and find out how anything is possible in this or any market, contact me.  I help people and I would love to help you.

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