Useful Websites #27

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Useful Websites #27

Here is Useful Websites #27:

(Day 27 of my 30-day challenge!)

And what is the website you'll be introduced to today?

As promised, today's featured website is another floor planner - you can compare it with the previous useful website and see which one would you prefer. So another site related to Floor Planner is....

Wait...I think I have only 3 more days left after this blog in this series so let me bring in little variation. If need be, I'll use another floor planner some another day. For today, something to do with your outlook inbox. This useful site is limited to Outlook users only (2003/2007/2010).

Have you ever lost an email with a specific attachment from a specific person? There is surely a 'search' available in Outlook - but at times, it takes for ever and even after that, you could not find what you were looking for.

Well, I have a trick that you can use to do this task.

Enjoy this one - The website #27 is...

Take control of your (OUTLOOK) inbox.

Isn't it a wierd name? Xobni? What does it mean? And in English dictionary, not many words start with 'X'. So why the developer chose this name?

The answer is simple. When your are upside down (or have no clue about the inbox of your outlook), go backwards. I mean, spell 'inbox' backwards. What did you get? Yes, 'XOBNI' - spelt 'INBOX' backwards.

Xobni's Outlook add-in saves you time finding email, conversations, contact info & attachments.

What does it do?

Here is something from Xobni's website:

Lightening-Fast Searches:

Email Search

Before Xobni, searching for emails within Outlook was a slow and unrewarding experience. Now with Xobni's instant search, the email you're looking for appears immediately, as you type.

Xobni can build a list of search results for a single keyword 50 times faster than Outlook. Add that up and you will save hours each week.

People Search

One unique element of Xobni is that search results are split into two categories: people and mail. Why do we do this? We believe our users have an easier time remembering names over keywords. When you are looking for an old email message, you can usually remember the name of the person who sent it to you. Type that name into the search box, click on the people result, and you'll get every conversation you had with that person, as well as all the attachments, contact information, and other information you may need.

Imagine that: a search for 'Matt' pulls up not only all the profiles of every Matt you've ever exchanged emails with, but also every email where the name Matt is mentioned. All in 0.3 seconds.

Contact Info Search

Xobni pulls contact info from email signatures, message bodies, Outlook contacts, as well as our partners: LinkedIn, Facebook, Hoovers, Skype, and Yahoo. If you need to quickly pull up the phone number, company name, and title before your meeting with Jim — simply type 'Jim' in the Xobni search box, and his whole profile of information will be at your fingertips.

Company Search

Who are all the people you know at Cisco? Xobni's search feature also searches the email domains of every person you communicate with. Type '' into the xobni search box, and you'll see everyone you've communicated with that has a email address. The results are ordered from the person you've emailed with most at the top, to the least emailed at the bottom. Click on one of the results and open the Hoover's extension to see their company's corporate information.

Find and Organize Attachments.

Find attachments by person

Do you ever get an email from your boss asking for feedback on a document she sent you three weeks ago? Before Xobni, finding the exact document wasn't an easy task.

With Xobni's Files Exchanged feature, you can quickly find the document without leaving the email you were working on. Suppose the attachment was from Carol. Open Carol's Xobni profile by searching for her name or navigating to an email from her. The Files Exchanged section will display every attachment you have sent and received. You'll quickly find that document she sent you.

Version tracking

The great thing about the way Xobni displays attachments is that you'll always have the exact version of the Word document or Excel spreadsheet you were looking for. The Xobni sidebar may display several versions of the attachment you are looking for. Know that the top one is the most recent, and the bottom one was the original. Easy as cake.

Filter attachment results

Sometimes the list of attachments in a Xobni profile can be long. Xobni makes finding a particular attachment simple. By clicking on the small magnifying glass you can filter the attachment list by name or document type. If the document title was "Oregon Trail," filter for the word "Oregon." If you know it was a word document, filter to the file type "doc" to view only word documents. Attachment management and discovery has never been so easy.

Drag, save or open

Once you've found an attachment in Xobni it couldn't be easier to act on it. You can click to open it, right-click to save it or open the email that contained the attachment, and you can also drag the attachment right from the Xobni sidebar into a new message.

Stay in Touch.

Automatic Address Book

You probably don't want to add everyone you receive an email from to your Outlook address book. However, you never know when someone you didn't add to your address book will become important to you. Xobni solves this problem by creating what we call an "automatic address book." Xobni creates a profile for every person you have ever communicated with. The profiles for your contacts will be full of information including: emails, attachments, phone numbers, Skype IDs, pictures, company names and titles. This will allow you to treat your Outlook contacts like a favorites list, and trust Xobni to manage your automatic address book.

Automatic phone number extraction

Xobni sifts through your email and automatically extracts phone numbers from email signatures, message bodies , as well as Outlook contacts. This information automatically appears in your contacts' Xobni profiles. If you do not have someone's phone number, you can use Xobni's Request Phone Number feature. This will generate an automated email requesting their phone number. When they reply, their number is automatically added to their profile. Very handy.

Schedule meetings in a single click

Xobni simplifies the complex task of scheduling a meeting with a contact. The Schedule time with... feature generates an email containing your availability based on the free and busy times in your Outlook Calendar. All the other person needs to do is pick a time that works for them, and your meeting is set. Save time managing your time.

Thread Conversations in Outlook.

Conversation threading

With Xobni, all interchanges between you and a contact are instantly displayed as a list of email conversations. Emails are threaded based on their subject and are shown in the order in which they occurred. Xobni also conveniently shows you which conversations include attachments with the help of a handy paperclip.


But Xobni doesn't stop there. Clicking on a conversation reveals all of emails contained within. You can instantly view who said what and when they said it. The Detail slider expands and contracts the body of the emails so you can zoom out for a 30,000 foot view of the conversation or zoom in for the 10 foot view.

People and files

Conversations both spoken and written are comprised of two or more people. Xobni shows you a list of the people who have participated in a conversation. Furthermore, all the files exchanged are listed for your convenience. Xobni takes the guess work out of email by threading Outlook in a meaningful and easy to understand way.

Discover hidden associations within your email

Xobni takes a personal approach to viewing email. It organizes your contacts and ranks them based on the volume and frequency of your interchanges. Xobni doesn't stop there. It displays the relationships that exist between your contacts by analyzing the From, To, and CC sections of your email. You might just be surprised by the results. You might discover that two people in your inbox know each other because they've been on emails together, but this information was never surfaced before. You may also quickly find your business partner's assistant's name without having to go back and search through the CC line on old messages.

Want to connect Outlook to the social web?

Xobni brings information from the social web into your inbox.

Xobni connects to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, XING, Salesforce and more to give you a complete view of your Outlook contacts, including information from your email and from the web.

With pictures and status updates, Xobni's connecter displays a live stream of social information about your contacts inside Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010. Seeing the latest photos and the status updates keep you up to date and current, so you can easily connect with each person.

Email Analytics - Who is your #1 contact?

Person by person statistics

Do you know what time of the day is the best time to get a response from your boss? Do you know the balance of your relationship with your customer: do they send you more email or do you send them more? Who are the top 10 people you send emails to? Do you send more emails to your boss than your spouse? Xobni exposes all of this data and more about the people you communicate with — in Outlook, and automatically.

Email pattern graphs

From inside the Xobni menu you can access Xobni Analytics — our powerful tool for analyzing your own email behaviors over time. What day of the week are you slowest to respond to email? What time of day do you send the most email? Was this January or last January busier with new email contacts?

Fun email stats

Xobni creates fun and revealing statistics to share with your friends and coworkers. Say "thanks" to the person inside your company that responds to you fastest. Or, tell the person that responds the slowest, "Thanks for nothing!" See who sends you the most email within your company — or across all of your email contacts.

I hope you liked today's website.

Your comments/suggestions are welcome.


I have joined the blog-a-day blogathon for 30 days. This is day 27 of the 30-day-challenge. Woohoo..90% of my journey is over! I am in RED ZONE now...and I know, it does get tougher and tougher as you reach your goal. In fact I am so much encouraged by response, I may add few more website at the end! And one more suggestion is to re-visit all of them in may be, couple of posts, covering 15 websites in each.

In these 30 days, what better could it be to share something either I learned from some of the ActiveRainers or some other resource online and share it with the group?

At times, I may not know where and how I learnt about the websites and may not be able to give due credit to someone who informed me about that, but I still want to Thank all of them who contributed to my knowledge which I plan to share.

I am trying to use different field each day - and have now more than 30 such websites. Will I continue after 30 days? Let's see - first things first- I want to completed this 30-day challenge. I am trying to avoid some of the more familiar websites and focusing on some that may not be known to most of you - and still, yes, useful.

You can create a free account on many of these websites and some of them may have some minimal subscription fees. I am sure, these websites will help you in your business - one way or another.

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these websites not do I derive any income from any of these sites - except that I do subscribe to some of these services. Please use them at your own risk - and let me tell you, I have used them and did not find it 'risky'.)


Look out for the next in series - Useful Websites #28 - and it will be....(I think I'll talk about another floorplanner or something similar to that kind....)

And here are the links to my previous blog-posts for easy reference:

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Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate

Praful:  I don't use Xobni... and don't think I would have any use for it, but I just love it... that Zobni is "Inbox" spelled backwards.  Just that... is "almost" enough reason for me to use it... <smile>

Sep 24, 2010 06:39 PM #1
Ruth Vogt
Fairway Independent Mortgage, LLS. Equal Housing Opportunity. Regulated by the Division of Real Estate. - Colorado Springs, CO
719-592-0855 Apply 24/7

Oh my goodness, Praful Thakkar, when do you sleep? And my friends think I'm addicted to AR??? Hellow?? I'm bookmarking this one to use as an example of someone that is serious about this stuff!  ***winks***

Sep 24, 2010 06:40 PM #2
Virginia Cheezum
F. C. Tucker Company - Indianapolis, IN

I don't know if I am brave enough to try what you are doing - but kudos to almost reaching the end.  And what a smart way to do it, with a consistent theme that actually brings value to the reader!  Cool!

Sep 24, 2010 06:42 PM #3
Praful Thakkar
LAER Realty Partners - Andover, MA
Andover, MA: Andover Luxury Homes For Sale

Thanks Karen, Ruth, Virginia. Yes, it is hard - but that's my commitment. And thanks to all of you - given me enough courage to go on and on and on.

I may have a special contest for the last one - which I have already planned. Guess which one will it be? Will announce to contest in tomorrow's blog.

Thanks once again. You have kept me going.

Sep 24, 2010 06:46 PM #4
Dan Rochon
Greetings Virginia - Keller Williams Realty - Alexandria, VA
Top Realtor in Northern Virginia

I am glad that you did the 30 day challenge.  You shared many great sites.  I am grateful!!  Thank you

Sep 24, 2010 07:36 PM #5
Patrick White
Home Driven Realty, Inc - Baldwin, NY
Driven to bring New Yorkers home

Good Morning Praful

Thanks for the post. Have a great day.

Sep 25, 2010 01:10 AM #6
Matthew Naumann
Exit Realty Charleston Group - Goose Creek, SC
Goose Creek, SC Real Estate Agent


Great Post. It definitely looks like a great resource.

Thanks for sharing,

Matt Naumann

Sep 25, 2010 05:02 AM #7
Kevin Hannigan


I totally know the situation that you are sitting in front of your pc and search for one mail, adress or attachment in outlook for hours!

Search tool for outlook are a great invention, make your work life a lot easier and stress-free! I tried several ones and decided myself to use Lookeen, don't know if you heard of it, but it is really nice, small and fast! It is a huge enrichment for outlook!



Sep 29, 2010 11:22 PM #8
MichelleCherie Carr Crowe Just Call...408-252-8900
Get Results Team...Just Call (408) 252-8900! . DRE #00901962 . Licensed to Sell since 1985 . Altas Realty - San Jose, CA
Family Helping Families Buy & Sell Homes 40+ Years

Interesting that just by random searching around I found this link to you Praful!

Mar 27, 2018 09:27 PM #9
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