Sellers ! I did not show your home to my clients because .......


Being available to your realtor when trying to sell your house is a given.  If your realtor cannot get a hold of you to arrange a viewing, there won't be one!

However, #4 is key.  Over 90% of home buyers choose the houses they want to view from MLS photos they view, from realtor referrals via e-mail or from driving by and checking out homes for sale in the location of interest to them.

Whether realtor or seller, ask yourself:

  • If a property has ZIP CURB APPEAL, what is going to draw a potential buyer's interest?  What is going to entice them to stop their car and want a viewing of your property?


  • if the posted photos of the property are not clear; interesting, i.e. have a focal point; labelled so potential buyers do not have to guess @ what they are looking at; without the daily clutter of everyday living, which they have to work to look past, etc., then don't be surprised if there are few or no requests for viewings.


The location cannot be changed; the market dictates the range of selling price, based on location and presentation

Poor Presentation can result in loss sales, regardless of location or price, as the majority of home buyers want move-in ready

Home Staging ensures your property meets all 3 criteria: it's a NO BRAINER!

Original content by Gita Bantwal

Sellers sometimes list with an agent and do not ask questions about how showings will be scheduled , sometimes they make it difficult to show and sometimes it is the tenants who make it difficult.

When an agent has many homes to choose from when scheduling appointments they first ask the buyers which homes they prefer to see but if the buyer leaves it up to the agent then the agent will schedule appointments that are easy to set up, provided the homes meet all the criteria that the buyer is looking for in their home.

Here are some reasons that I may have not shown your home:

1. I call the telephone number listed for appointments and if there is no answer I leave a message.  If I do not receive a return phone call I do not show your home.

2. If the instructions for appointments requires 24 hours notice and we have someone who wants to see on short notice, we do not show the home.

3.If the home is priced too high compared to other similar homes on the market , we show other homes first and if the buyer likes the community, then we show all homes in there the second time.

4.We email listings to buyers and buyers tell us what they want to see. They may base it on pictures of the house or they may drive by first on their own. If the home shows well from outside and if the pictures are good , there is a better chance that your home will be shown.

5.If the seller has to be there for all appointments and we are showing many homes we may be reluctant to put the home on the list of homes because we never know if we will be running late . We show the home if the buyer wants to see it and then try to put it first on the list.


Gita Bantwal is a Realtor with RE/MAX Centre Realtors in Bucks County, a Northern suburb of Philadelphia. You can view 1000s of listings on her web site

She can be reached at 215-343-8200x124 or direct 215-275-8491 or via email


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Somehow I missed this one!  It's more than a reblog, it's a post on it's own!  Great info for both agents and sellers, Sharon!

Oct 09, 2010 03:47 AM

Thanks Sharon,

What I am noting is that the service for my site is erratic!  I cannot do anything with confidence it will show up in full or show up at all.

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