Great Harvard Bread Co in Newtonville Pays it Forward

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Great Harvest Bread Co

Great Harvard Bread Co in NewtonvilleNext time you come through Newtonville, stop by the Great Harvest Bread Co and try a complementary slice of bread. You will learn that different breads come out on different days. If you want to plan ahead, go to the website and read the schedule My personal favorite is the apple pie which comes out on Saturday- yum! Last week when I stopped in for a loaf of the Multi-grain (had to have a slice while I was there) the store was busy with hungry patrons. A polite bunch of middle school kids sat around their backpacks eating lunch. A mother was reading a book to her twins in one corner. At the counter the owner, Jim Cellucci was working hard to please a sweet little lady who was asking for a sample of one of his specialties which hadn't come out yet. Jim went back and forth fulfilling her request with a twinkle in his eye. It is hard not to appreciate this cheerful model of business. A happy and energetic work ethic like this makes small busines great and contributes on a daily bases to the quality of life in a community. On the Great Harvest Bread Co website:, their unique mission statement states values that included hard work, excellent customer service, quality product, and generosity.

"Be loose and have fun Great Harvest Bread Co
Bake phenomenal bread
Run fast to help customers
Create a strong, exciting bakery
Give generously to others

Great Harvard Bread Co 316 Walnut St Newtonville, MA 02460 617.928.1162

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