Teddy Bears Are the Belle of the Ball.

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Today I helped a fellow Avon rep with a vendor booth at a fall festival at Beech Elementary School in Hendersonville, TN.  The fall festival included children and parents from Beech High School and Beech Elementary School.  We were there to promote our Avon businesses as well as participate in the fundraiser for the Beech schools.  

There were all kinds of activities all over the school from face painting, a karaoke room, fire truck rides, auctions, a used book sale in the library, and of course the inflatable "jumpy" things.  (I don't the exact proper term but you know what I mean.)  There were hundreds of excited kids running around all over the place.  The festival was a big success and I am sure they raised a sizable amount of money. 

What I found most interesting was that with all of these activities going on to occupy a young person's mind, the absolute favorite and most popular, at least from my viewpoint, was the teddy bear maker.  There was a lady there with a portable teddy bear stuffer like a mini Build-A-Bear stand.  The children could pick which "skin" they wanted and she even had a multitude of different outfits to dress the bear with too.  There was always a line at her booth with eager kids begging for a teddy bear.  

With all of the activities to do today, a lot of the children simply wanted to make a teddy bear.  And those who did purchase a teddy bear showed them off proudly throughout the gym.  It was certainly nice to see that in this age of high tech toys and technology that a simple teddy bear reigns supreme. 

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