Forrest Park My Sanctuary

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Forrest Park is my sanctuary!!! It had been a long week and I was feeling a little stressed and worn down. I had finished up my open house and was going to come home and chill out. The sun hasn't made as many appearances as I would have liked this year, here in Portland Oregon, but yesterday was beautiful. I decided I wasn't going to waste it. I came home changed clothes and in ten minutes I was at the Wildwood trail in Forrest Park.

trail sign

I think we as Portlanders are so lucky to have something so beautiful so close to us. Within minutes I was up on the trail and the sounds of the city grew fainter and fainter. I took it all in; the lush green ferns the large trees, the birds, the sun peeking through the canopy. I couldn't help but smile and before I knew it the weight of the week was gone.

                                                        sun through the trees

I always take a quick stop at Pittock Mansion to catch the view of the city. I spent a few minutes just starring out over Portland and then I was back on the trail. There were a few people out on the trail and everyone seemed to have that same smile I had. Everyone is friendly and says hello. Each of us on our own little journey.

view of the city

I have my 5 mile loop I do and I was back to my car in under an hour and a half. My head was clear and I found new energy. I'm so glad I took that time. I hope I can get a few more days in on the trail while we have the last bit of sun for awhile.


There is so much of the park I haven't explored so I will make an effort and see as much as I can. Forrest Park really is my sanctuary and it is so close. If you look up Forrest park on the web you can get a map. For some strange reason if you haven't been out on the trails I highly recommend it. I think it would be good for your soul too!!

sun through the trees




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