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This has been a very interesting year. And in the past month or so I have had some happenings I want to share.

Probably the biggest change for this post is my new "home". Rather, my new office. But after 8 great years with RE/MAX and the balloon, moving my license was a huge change. I was there through our roller housing markets, mentoring and being mentored, my business changing and focusing on new things. So it was time to move my license to a company that fit my needs a bit more closely. I will miss my RE/MAX friends, but this is a small community and I wil see them just about as often as I did before. We all work at home anyway!

Abbey Realty Inc, Lacey WA abbey realty logo

I am now a broker with Abbey Realty, Inc. This is a family owned, independent firm based in Lacey. Our office is on Lacey Blvd near College Street. This is a group of very entrepreneurial agents working a huge variety of projects, from neighborhood development to rental management, commercial brokerage and more.. This is a great office for anyone working with investors. like I do, as I have so many others to bounce ideas off. My phone number is still the same, just my email changed to @gmail. Text messaging works just fine too.


tesc logoChange #2 might be the bigger change for me:
I am going back to school! That's right, as of Monday morning, I will be a Greener. And no, I didn't do the reasonable thing and just take a course or two, I jumped in feet first and am taking a full load. And I am excited! You won't be surprised to hear my program includes credits in Arts & History. How could I resist college credits where I get to learn about printmaking and fine metal work!

And the most recent change: Zaboo.
Zaboo is the name we chose for a foundling pug buy. He was roaming a parking lot in Lacey. I took him home, postered and posted on Craigslist and the animal shelter, took him to nearby groomers and vets to see if he looked familiar, checked for a microchip and nobody claimed him. So we have a second pug! And Zaboo, in case you are curious, is the name of a character in one of my favorite show, The Guild.

zaboo pug

Well, I hope that was enough non-real estate for you all. I have a few panic stricken moments left before classes start tomorrow. Give me a call or email if you have any questions. I will be sending updated business cards in the mail to those who need them. And I should be getting my website up & running again soon for you to search for homes.

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