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A friend of mine (who is an FHA expert in his own right) wrote a wonderful blog on the top 10 reasons to buy a home today!

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The MORTGAGE PRO Week in Review is back. This weekly review has been away the last 18 months due to the lack of volunteers, in helping to get mortgage related information out to the public and to help keep realtors up to date on the ever changing topics of mortgages. This review will appear every Sunday eevning, once a week. There will be a post in a few days about this group and how you can volunteer.


Onto Mortgages and Real Estate.  Below is some very good mortgage posts that tell you what you need to apply for a mortgage, specific programs, and what you need to know about mortgages in general.  Please take the time to read these posts, it could be worth your wild and could save you thousands of dollars as a borrower.




Tom Burris

10 Reasons to Buy a Home TODAY, NOT NEXT MONTH, NOT NEXT YEAR BUT RIGHT NOW!  by : Tom Burris

In my opinion, this post is not a scare tactic, just the basic facts to as why buying now could very well be better than buying later. Let's not forget, that is if you are in the position to buy now.



Paul Silver

Houshold Budgets For Home Buyers #1  by : Paul Silver

Before you buy a home, you should have some sort of budget. Realtor, Paul Silver, writes a very good 3 part series on this.






Gene Mundt

Be Prepared for Mortgage Application .. Start Gathering These Documents NOW  by : Gene Mundt 

This shouldn't be a hard topic to figure out. Just be like the Boy Scouts, "Be Prepared". It never hurts to be prepared with all of your mortgage documents before speaking to a loan officer.  Gene does a good job of breaking it down for you.



RJ Baxter

Save Big by Choosing the Best Rate Lock  by : RJ Baxter

R.J. brings up a good point that many loan officers don't talk about, especially when the consumer is shopping around. Loan officers fail to talk about how to lock in your rate or what the differences are in the lock periods, yet they offer these so-called great interest rates.  Just very simple information to understand.



Larry Bettag

The 4 Things you Need to Get Approved for a Mortgage!!!!  by : Larry Bettag

What a better follow up to Gene's post, is Larry explaining on what 4 items gets your loan approved from a lenders perspective.




Drew Sygit

The Truth about Loan Modifications - Are you sure you want to look behind the curtain?  by : Drew Sygit

This is an excellent post that goes into details that many didn't know about. I personally know that Drew did some research on this, bringing you the real facts and not what is perceived out there.



John Neil

Fannie Mae Home Path Financing  by : John Neil

This is a good program for some. John explains what you get with this type of program. The biggest selling point is that you don't have monthly mortgage insurance. This program is used for those properties owned by Fannie Mae. But please read below what Gary Miljour has to share, comparing this program with FHA loans. You do need to understand your options carefully and not just because this loan has no mortgage insurance. And showing these 2 was not a knock on either John or Gary. Each borrower and each loan program is different.



Gary Miljour

FHA vs. Fannie Mae Home Path Revisted  by : Gary Miljour

Gary gives you a quick simple breakdown between FHA loans and the Fannie Mae Home Path loan. In his opinion, FHA loans are still the clear winner.




Jeff Belonger

FHA Loans with a simplified explanation of FHA credit standards  by : Jeff Belonger

FHA has some new changes pertaining to credit scores and down payment. And did you know that FHA is changing the monthly mortgage insurance that goes into effect on October 4th, 2010? Changes in FHA mortgages for the monthly mortgage insurance & UFMIP



Nevin Williams

Sir, I think your calculator is broken!  by Nevin Williams

A very simple and easy to understand post. Just be careful when using online mortgage calculators. There are a few factors that you as a consumer aren't aware of.





Brent Kluge

203K: Why is it so difficult to find a contractor to do this 203k? Answers within...  by : Brent Kludge

You first learn what a 203-k loan is and there is a group below that has some posts about this loan program. Brent goes into more specifics about the 203-k contractor, what to do and not to do.



John Zolsky

Dressing Up Your Blog.... Nirvana Recipe  by : John Zolsky

My bonus post - Non mortgage related, but realtor John Zolsky shares some very interesting tips about how to write within your blog posts, such things as fonts and colors.






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