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It Matters Not for Whom You Work. It Matters What Kind of Job You Do

Reblogger Jeff Kennedy
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Thought this was an excellent post!  Clients choose agents not brokerage firms.  How often does a client call a company and say "Just send one of your agents out to list my home?" Never!  They choose an agent based on his/her personalized service & skills.

While every Agent/Independent Contractor is responsible for his/her own business, it's very important to choose a firm with an experienced broker whom you respect and trust, one who has "your back", one you can learn from, one who encourages sharing and learning from each other, one who has a selective group of agents with similar values and a high standard of ethics, one who is always open and interested in your opinions/ideas and willing to change, one who supports your personalized service and branding, one who supports you and your business within their business and understands the role of the "independent Contractor". 

Along with the right broker, we also believe it's very important to continue to improve your business with continued education in the business.  We are never too old to stop learning ... sign up for every class you have the opportunity to take whether it's a webinar, live class, seminar, etc.




Original content by Jane Peters BRE# 01439865

A potential out-of-town client (yes a contact through blogging) asked me Brokerageout of the blue if I had ever worked for a large brokerage. 

Totally insulted that she hadn't heard of Penn Properties, I told her that indeed I had, Keller Williams. 


I knew I was dead in the water then since she hasn't heard of KW. 

In any event, I got to thinking about how for whom you work has no effect on the kind of job you as an agent performs. 

The brokerage does not sit the open houses.  The brokerage does not attend showings. The brokerage does not negotiate the deal.  The brokerage does arrange and attend inspections.  The brokerage does not handle all the minutiae of an escrow. 

The brokerage does take its commission.

An agent starting out needs the training that a good brokerage or mentor provides.  Once that agent has a few deals under their belt, they are ready to fly.  Yes, each deal is different, but as long as someone is around to answer questions, the size of the brokerage is unimportant any more.

Some people need the comfort of an office and to be surrounded by people.  Others work out of their homes anyway, so the brokerage is not important.

And one major lightbulb that went off in my head is

Realtors are independent contractors.  We are not employed by any brokerage.  Therefore where we hang our license could have no import!

That's just my two cents for the day and something I will keep in mind for the next time I am asked, "Which brokerage do you work for?"

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Eric Kodner
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Mega-franchise companies have been trying for decades to convince agents and the public that brand is all-important.  They haven't succeeded.  Most consumers can't remember brands or symbols or distinguish between firms.  They look for an agent who is friendly, empathetic, knowledgeable and helpful.

Sep 27, 2010 04:39 PM
Jeff Kennedy
Hot Springs 1st Choice Realty - Hot Springs, AR

So true Eric!  We recently moved to a small boutique firm and we didn't miss a beat in our business with the change. We wish you the best in your business!  Paulia

Sep 27, 2010 04:55 PM
Bill Saunders, Realtor®
Meyers Realty - Hot Springs, AR

I believe that boutique firms rock...so much more of a family atmosphere. It spills over into the entire philosophy of operations.

Oct 05, 2010 01:38 AM
Jeff Kennedy
Hot Springs 1st Choice Realty - Hot Springs, AR

So true Bill!  Thanks for the feedback!

Oct 05, 2010 02:23 AM