It's Like Signing On A Very Large Radio, Television Transmitter, Broadcasting Maine News, Local Information, Real Estate.

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When you live in a small Northern Maine town, everyday blogging is like broadcasting information local folks already know, but outside real estate buyers need to be versed on.

maine potato harvest The Maine real estate buyer is no longer local, two blocks away. So like lining up a newscast, information on the area is needed. If all had to be generated as if you were one man on an island, like Tom Hanks talking to Wilson, the mental cupboard could become bare.

But in a four season, ever changing beehive of local news, it is easy to crank out ME blogs designed for that outside never been here Maine real estate buyer.

(Teletype sound as news sounder audio lead in rolls up and over last song before information break) "Good morning, welcome to 20-20 news. Give us five minutes, we'll give you the world. Focus, dateline on Houlton Maine, Aroostook County." (chair swivels, announcer head turns, cue camera two, tight head shot. Good.)

"Fishing in Maine brooks, streams, lakes, rivers could be a little more challenging next season. So says Maine game warden Ben Drew. At last week's Houlton Maine Rotary Club meeting, Drew warns that lower water levels with the long dry but sunshine filled summer Mainer's enjoyed means stressed fish.

Lower oxygen, lower water level, less Maine fish to entice when you dangle your hook next season.

This fall's rain has helped current fishing conditions however. And the bucks only deer ruling upon up this hunting season will make it like does are waving a white flag. Get to sit it out avoiding the gun toting hunters dressed in blaze orange. For this season anyway".

(Cue camera one, set up Chyron location, graphic for Maine potato harvester, roll field video in 3, 2, now, mid shot of announcer teasing commercial cluster) "Monticello Maine farmer Dan Corey says the gold spuds, potato harvest is yielding larger amounts per acre. More on the Aroostook County potato harvest, school recess after these messages from our local sponsors." (Easy smile, not contrived or pretentious) Three spots, thirty seconds each air, while announcer adjusts tie, studies script, asks for adjustment on teleprompter to remove glare from lighting to compensate for his older eye sight) Intercom sound booth sheltered director barks"Get ready set, camera one, coming back live to studio in three, two, pull out shot of announcer and open mic channel, leave intro news sounder low and under for five seconds. We're live."

(Slow pan of set, gradual zoom in to announcer leaving left shoulder space for spud, harvester, potato house video) "Local Maine schools are recessed to help area potato farmers harvest the crop, get it in to maine fall leavestorage. Maine farmer Danny Corey says he has a payroll of over 50 laborers to get the better than average yield crop in to storage or sold out of the field. His market for seed potatoes is now worldwide." (Take camera two, roll leaf color video)

"Now how about those Maine fall leave colors...Jack Frost is at it again and leaf peakers planning to head to the County have a little time to plan the trip. Maine forest rangers reporting moderate leaf color, from 30 to 50 percent toward peak, along with low leaf drop of less than 30 percent." (Camera one, head shot)

(Voice over, roll derby racing video) "The Northern Maine soap box derby fall rally is this weekend on maine soap box derby racersHoulton Maine's Derby Hill. Racers, drivers from all over the country will be using the hill for earning trophy points to win a chance to compete in Akron Ohio, the world series of racing next July. It was announced this week, the Houlton Maine Rotary Club is funding a new topside hill launch facility that will shield racers from rain delays, make course set up, tear down easier with on premise storage at the site. The club pledged $7500 for the project at this week's meeting."

(Pull back, show set, lights, camera two and crew) "Finally, winter in Vacationland means winter's what not to do at home kids. Stunt drivers do loops, barrel rolls at the recent Maine Potato Feast Celebration in Houlton ME, Thanks for tuning in." Maine, there is only one.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

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