Balboa Park's Free Museum Tuesday

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My parents are in town... and today we spent some time checking out the museums in Balboa Park.
For residents of San Diego County, some museums offer free entry on Tuesdays. Today, the Automotive Museum was participating.
Here are a few of the nifty cars they have on display:

San Diego Automotive Museum 1909 Harvester Auto Wagon
This is a 1909 International Harvester Model A Auto Wagon.

San Diego Automotive Museum 1948 Tucker
This is a 1948 Tucker. Of the 51 made, 47 are still in existence... Oh, and the "Cyclops Eye" turns with the steering wheel. Apparently the other model had a rotating fender.

San Diego Automotive Museum 1953 Jaguar 120
The pretty one here is a 1953 Jaguar XK 120. It is known as the 120 because it can rech speeds of 120MPH. Zoom!

San Diego Automotive Museum 1981 DeLorean
Ah, the DeLorean. Head for the Clocktower!!!

San Diego Automotive Museum 1960 Bizzarrini
Lastly, I loved the leather buckles on this 1960 Bizzarrini P538. According to the information, only 3 were made with this Spider body style... and the one at the San Diego Automotive Museum is the only one that was made with a Lamborghini v-12 engine.

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