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This blog entry isn't about real estate specifically, but about the fact that the longer you live, the more frequently you recognize how life keeps circling back. Then again, maybe this *IS* about real estate because life centers on where we live (or have lived), yes?

A headline in the Philly Inquirer today caught my attention: "Destroyer Radford to become reef of Cape May Point" --Wow--I grew up in Cape May and I served for a short stint on Radford when it was the newest ship in the US Navy - commissioned in 1977.

The Radford had a very successful 26 years of service and is about to become "the home of marine life, including bluefin tuna and mako sharks, a playground for humans and marine life. ...It is expected to become a premier attraction for divers and a magnet for recreational fishermen."

Some of those fishermen will be old friends of mine. Some may be family members who still live in Cape May. Maybe my stepfather Carl Woehlcke, who used to be in charge of maintaining all the parking meters in Cape May, and in fishing all those quarters from those machines when he couldn't get a lure into the water. Wow. How kewl for me.

Maybe it will help my sister (RealtorLindaLambert) sell another home in North Cape May or Cape May Point. Maybe others will be inclined to buy a home in Cool Cape May Island (cool because there is almost always a moderate ocean breeze is surrounded by water).

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