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If you follow my blog, there's a good chance I follow yours AND comment on just about every one.  Larry breaks down the benifits.  My guess is that this blog is going to get featured, but if you didn't see it, READ it!  I encourage everyone to comment!

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Blogs, Posts and Comments, Oh My!!!!

Sure, they all go hand in hand.  I guess it's only recently that I discovered the power in commenting.  I've left just over 9000 comments since joining AR.  I've received a myriad of comments, well over 10,000 since joining as well.  So what makes comments so valuable?  Comments are more valuable to active members of active rain for a variety of reasons;

Commenting on other people's posts. 

Lots of benefits here folks. 

1)  First, you score a lot of points by doing that.  You get 25 points per comment when you comment on other people's posts.  You are only scored for the first ten, but hey, that's 250 points per day just for commenting.  This will raise your score and ultimately raise your standing in your community, county and state.

2)  Second, the more you comment the more other's see that you're an active participant in AR.  This enables other to recognize you as a player or, at least, someone who is sincere in the quest to participate fully in AR.  I've received many deals from other participants here in AR.  Those referrals would never have come unless a relationship had been created.  Commenting consistently is an appropriate way to nurture and create those relationships.

3)  By commenting on other people's post, they begin to subscribe to your blog and they begin to comment on your posts.  That's valuable, but I'll explain why later.  The big trick is to comment on the post that's being published.  There are some people who just post...."Nice Post,"  "I agree,"  "Way to go" and they've never read the post.  If you're going to fake it at least know what the post is about.  I've seen some comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the published post.

4)  My favorite??????  You get to build relationships with people as you comment on other's post.  Relationships, if nutured right, will evolve into referrals.

Comments on YOUR posts!

This is a biggee for me.  You can score up to 550 points, I believe by writing a post that people want to comment on.  In other words, the better the post, the more comments you are likely to receive.  I WANT people to comment on my posts.  I learn from others.  I engage with others.  I create relationships with others.  I end up scoring big time if I have a successful post. 

What's the sin?????  Here's the problem with a lot of blogs.  There are a couple of people within my state who just post listings.  THAT'S IT!  They copy MLS data and post ten posts within 20 minutes.  In other words, they have scored all of their posting points for the week within a short time.  BUT THAT'S IT!  They get no more points and ultimately hurt themselves.  They just throw up junk for the 200 points and then they ride on cruise control until the next week.  Ultimately, it's great to have the exposure and google juice, but what about building some relationships so that some referrals may happen down the road. 

For me, I'm so happy for the points I receive when I write a great post. That's not my motivating factor.  Sure, I may get featured and score some extra points there, but ultimately I get a lot of people who I haven't met stopping by and chiming in. 

Comments are important.  Engage with others.  Show them that you're a true professional.  Get on it.  Write posts that are meaningful.  This is a fun forum, but there is a huge business element with AR as well. 

Ultimately, build relationships.  I comment to engage.  If your post is good, I'll comment on your site, I hope.  And hopefully you'll do the same for mine.  And ultimately....I really hope that we get a relationship developing here!

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Larry Bettag
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Dan....thanks much for the shout out.  Now go shout out to others......

Sep 29, 2010 11:28 AM
Kathleen Lordbock
Keller Williams Realty Professionals - Baxter, MN
Keller Williams Realty Professionals

A blog with no comments is like a conversation with oneself- while somewhat satifying, it can be a bit one sided. Better to have the affirmations and the attitude adjustments.   Imaginary high 5!

Dec 25, 2010 03:20 PM