Have You Ever Wondered How To Get Those Social Media Buttons On Your Blog??

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For those of you that have been wondering how to get social media buttons on your web page or blog this is a fantastic help from Melissa McKinney!!

Original content by Melissa McKinney

Have you ever wondered how everyone gets those Social Media buttons at the end of their blogs??  Well I did, I made it way harder than what it is!! I do that often.. I thought you needed a HTML link or something of the sort. It took me a little while to get it but now that I have I am going to give you step by step instructions.  I think that sometimes when someone is trying to help you get somewhere they leave out steps because to them they are obvious, for me sometimes not so much... So I am going to try to not skip a step!


First thing that you want to do is find the buttons that you would like to use,  The web is FULL of free Social Media buttons so have fun looking!

Social Media Buttons I got mine here!

When you download them save them to your desktop.  I like to put things there that I am getting ready to use so that it is easy to access.  It is probably going to be in a little zipper file.  Click on that and then you will probably see a couple of things but there will be something like ”icon list” or something to that effect.  Click on that then you may see an option of sizes to choose from, I picked the larger.  Once you click on that it will take you to a list.  At the end of each file in that list should be the name, like Facebook, etc. If you would just click and drag and drop it to your desktop. You should see the button there. So do this for each Social media that you wish to use.


Now you are going to go to your Home page in AR.  If you look to the left you will see a link “Settings” click there.  Scroll down to “Signature”.  Here you can put a photo, text, of anything that you would like to appear at the end of every blog that you write.  This is going to work much like writing a blog but on a smaller scale.  So while we are here if you have not personalized your signature go ahead a get that done.  Add maybe a photo, your web address, contact information, you get the point.  I will wait....


OK, you are going to click where you want the button and then you are going to click the "add photo" option in the tool bar, looks like a photo of a tree.  When the search box comes up you are going to go to your desktop and choose the first button that you want to upload.  Once the button is in the signature box you are going to click on it.  You will then see the box aLinkedround it meaning that it is ready to make changes to.  Up in the tool bar of that box you are going to click “link” looks like a three chain links,  When that box opens you want to put the link associated with that button.  For example if I were doing my Facebook fan page button in the link box I would put:


Now you have just made that photo a click able link!!! Continue with these steps until you have uploaded and linked all your social media buttons! When you are finished DO NOT forget to click “Update”. Now your cool like everyone else!!


My web siteI even added them to my web site, don't they look fabulous?!

By the way this "linking" of pictures can be done with any photos. Go ahead click the photo of my web page or the Social buttons throughout this post...









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Cindy Marchant
Keller Williams Indy NE 317-290-7775 www.marchantteam.com - Carmel, IN
"Cindy in Indy" , Realtor, Fishers Real Estate

Awesome post, these are my favorites when someone teaches me something I don't know how to do.  I'll give this a whirl...

Cindy in Indy

Sep 30, 2010 02:23 AM
Judy Cicalese
William Raveis Real Estate - New Canaan, CT
Market Knowledge-Social Media Savvy 203-638-7812

Thank you for this info.  I will be sure to follow each step.

Sep 30, 2010 02:24 AM
Eve Rusakova
Studio 74, Home Staging and Redesign - Toronto, ON
Home Stager, Toronto, ON

Just updated my website and signature with icons following your instructions. Thanks a million for great explanation!

Jan 26, 2011 03:12 PM