The Issue? of Electric Fireplaces

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My comment to Janice's blog:

Good insight ...  Have three of them in our home - and they serve function and enhance each room.  Advice to sellers - If you want it - take it now,  if you think it will help sell the house ... leave it! ... But a home stager may suggest - It may look better over there!            - Len


Original content by Janice Ankrett

More and more I am bumping into these electric fireplaces.

In the new builds they can look like they are built in.

Quite often the seller feels they are furniture and they intend to take them with them.

I end up treating it like it was part of the room so that it enhances the room.

I think it must be confusing to the Buyers. The room has a fireplace but it doesn't.

How do they fit into the sale? Do they become an exclusion? Are they just furniture?

Should the seller be removing it before they list?




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