There Is Never a Time Where Full Disclosure Is Not Necessary

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I can not think of a time where full disclosure is not necessary.  Agents when you do not fully disclose who you are, who you represent, any problems or concerns with a client or a home you walk a very fine line.  I think we all know this, but you wouldn't believe the amount of agents out there on a tight wire.  When did I will tell you some, but not all become ethical?  When you represent a client you should be clear with those you represent and those you don't represent where you stand in the situation and what duties you owe them.  I hope that everyone knows that just because you are a customer and not a client yet there are duties owed to you as well.  Though you may wear many hats throughout your day, you never take off your Realtor hat.  You always represent the code of ethics no matter where you are.  It is a code and it should be followed. 

If you are a buyer or seller please ask these questions. When signing paperwork there should be a form confirming your representation accompanied by an explanation of terms.  There is some information that should be deemed confidential, but this information should be put in writing with consent to disclose should the buyer or seller feel the situation is appropriate for full disclosure.

Agents sometimes disclose too much information without even realizing it.  We feel that if we tell you enough about the situation it may change your view of the situation, somehow change your offer, or get you to actually make an offer.  Please be careful to keep your clients personal life just that, personal not public knowledge.  The repercussions from a harmless short conversation can be long-lasting and potentially devastating.  It's not only disclosure we should be aware of; we must watch how we behave, where we're behaving a certain way, and who we're with.  It's something your parents probably told you as you were growing up...You are only as good as the company and clients that you keep!  Be aware.

Something that is developing and will, in my opinion, become a huge deal is the lack of honesty and disclosure among college bowl officials.  Maybe some of you do not know this, but college bowls are supposed to be  non-profit events.  The schools who are invited and are participating in the bowls are SUPPOSED to be the beneficiaries of any profit that is made.  It has to come to light recently that bowl directors are making upwards of $600K for directing one single game.  Wow! That's some salary!!  The real kicker is that bowl chairmen submitted to Congress a report stating that they had given 10's of millions to participating schools and charities, when in all actuality only $3 million was donated.  Well it sure is hard to give money to a school if all the money is going to the people who run it.  Now, I am not totally saying to get rid of the bowl system, although I do think a play off would be better.  There are the local economies, workers, and participating schools to consider because something is better than nothing, to most.  The problem is as long as someone is making money off of mistakes, misfortunes, and non-disclosures then these acts will continue to happen.  There seems in many instances to be a common sense answer to a lot of the conflicts in life and in business, but people make money off a non-resolution.  Greed and power are  mighty things.

The "proof is in the pudding" as they say.  If it isn't on paper to disclose then don't.  If you have knowledge of adverse facts, disclose them.  Just be ethical. It's just as easy as treat others as you would like to be treated, the Golden Rule.  You should be  mindful of what you say, but more mindful of the things that you do not say.  Remember that even when you are at the grocery store, your child's school, or the Titans game on Sunday you are still a Realtor, doctor, attorney, etc.  Unfortunately ethical people are ethical people all the time; not just some of the time.  Practice this in life and in business and you're character, intentions, and integrity will never be called into question.

I am a licensed Realtor serving the middle TN area.  If you are ever in need of any real estate services, please contact me.  I am happy to help, guide, protect, and serve you in the most ethical way. I welcome the opportunity to meet and work with you.

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