Cary NC Real Estate: Step One of Essential Steps to Staging Your Home for Sale

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The expectation of  home buyers in Raleigh / Cary these days is far different than when many of us bought our first home.  Remember when we thought we should stretch and buy whatever we could just to be in a certain neighborhood?  Home projects seemed fun and a great expression of how crafty we could be.  Now with multiple family members working and crazy schedules just to keep up, buyers are not at all excited about taking on home projects just after moving in.  More importantly, with so much new construction in Cary to choose from when looking at real estate, they don't have to!  Builders are more than willing to customize and discount just to secure a contract.  Competition for buyers is tougher than it has been in decades.  However with a few simple steps home sellers can make their re-sale home stand out as the darling on the market even in this crazy market. 

Step One:

Start at the curb!  Walk up to the house from the street and view it like you are seeing it for the first time.  The mailbox is often the first thing a buyer will look at since they are looking for the address numbers.  It should be clean and free of rust with fresh paint on the stand.  The lawn should look cared for, even if it's looking a bit tired from the heat.  Your porch should be freshly painted and / or power washed, free of dust and extra items that we all seem to collect.   Potted flowers are a nice touch since they are simple to water and add a touch of color.  Finally, a big fresh welcome mat should great buyers at the door. 

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