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The following statistics are from the 2006 NAR (National Association of Realtors):

•·         80% of consumers did online research before they bought their last home
•·         Internet consumers spend an average of 5.8 weeks researching online
•·         Online consumers take 9.3 months until they list with a realtor
•·         Online consumers take 16.7 months until they buy a home
•·         Only 4-8% of online leads will close within 90 days

Online Consumers, on average, take 28 months to buy and sell real estate - Longer than any other consumer.
Are you staying in touch long enough to capture a relationship with an online lead?

•·         32% of online consumers expect an immediate response from a realtor
•·         19% expect a 30 minute response from a realtor
•·         50% of realtors respond within 54 hours
•·         50% of realtors never respond

Online Consumers understand that the internet is an immediate medium. 
Are you succeeding with your online leads?
Do you have a hole in your business model?
What is your average response time?

•·         Less than 50% of consumers would use the same realtor
•·         Less than 50% of consumers were pleased with their agents communication
•·         40% of consumers were disappointed with their realtors attention to details
•·         65% never heard from their realtor after the sale

Attracting, developing and maintaining relationships with consumers and clients are the three most important points to a strong real estate career.

How do you maintain the contact levels needed to have a strong real estate career?

Your day is busy and your time is important.  Make sure that you aren't letting your clients fall through the cracks.  Consumers need constant reminders of who you are, what you do and what does that mean for them.  Make sure you provide that level of contact.

We would love to get your feedback!!

Contact29 Marketing has just launched a new on-line drip email service, and we would love to get your feedback.  Tell us what you think about drip email, and then tell us what you think about our specific product. was designed to help you maintain contact with your online prospects or your past clients.  Sign-up at for a free demo campaign or for a free 1 month trial account.  There is no cost, contract or obligation.  We are hoping to use your feedback to help build and strengthen the product.  You're our on-line focus group.

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