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For those non sales type people - farming is a term not unique to Real Estate Associates.    Agents often bring their own network of contacts to 'farm' or to solicit a potential sale.  Think of your facebook group of family or friends.

Agents will often identify a neighbourhood to farm.   ... All efforts sometimes involve tedious and extensive work.   Agents hope to get the message out about what they can do for you.  ... As a newer agent, I find all of it exciting ... and difficult in many ways.   Where to start?  How do I go about it?  What really matters?  ... and many many more questions.

What matters is your understanding of your own wants and needs in a real estate transaction - and having the right information to choose the right agent.  Choosing an agent based on the recommendation of your 'friend' or acquaintance may not be the right decision.   It involves work - perhaps as much effort as some agents do in working their farm.

Most important - Communication.

Interview prospective agents with questions appropriate to your situation and make your decisions based on a number of factors.   I will post some tips in the future.

In the meantime ... this is a reblog of Ty's adventure with a newer agent in his office.                    ...  Len

Original content by Ty Lacroix

I was helping out a new agent the other day and she commented that farming doesn't work for her. Why, I asked? She told me that she farmed a neighbourhood of 322 for 5 months and did not receive any calls or emails.My questions to her were:

  •  How did you select that farm? "I like the neighbourhood."
  • How did you send out your stuff? "An insert in the weekly paper."
  • What did you send? "A brochure of my brokerage and a free CMA."
  • What else did you send? "I sent the same thing every month."
  • When did you stop? "4 months ago."

Can you answer why this effort was wasted, why she is discouraged and what she could do differently?


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