La Mesa Homes For Sale And The Market, part 2

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La Mesa Homes For Sale And The Market

Hi People. This addition of La Mesa Homes For Sale And The Marketis going to deal with walkability, or the Walk Score of La Mesa. Que? I said WALKABILITY (Sorry for shouting).


Walkability (Calculated into a Walk Score) is defined by the good people at Walk Score as:

"Walk Score measures how easy it is to live a car-lite lifestyle-not how pretty the area is for walking.


Walk Score uses a patent-pending system to measure the walkability of an address. The Walk Score algorithm awards points based on the distance to amenities in each category. If an amenity is within .25 miles (or .4 km), we assign the maximum number of points. The number of points declines as the distance approaches 1 mile (or 1.6 km)-no points are awarded for amenities further than 1 mile. The points are summed and normalized to yield a score from 0-100. The number of nearby amenities is the leading predictor of whether people walk".

people walking

What does that mean to La Mesa home owners? According to the folks at Walk Score, "CEOs for Cities just released a study based on data from Walk Score and ZipRealty that shows one point of Walk Score is worth as much as $3,000 of home value, depending on the metro area". 


So, what type of score does La Mesa have? My office is at 8341 Lemon Ave in La Mesa (Downtown La Mesa). My address gets a Walk Score of 95 out of 100, categorized as a "walker's paradise" because it is so close to almost anything I could want.

My office also has a 95 in the Transit Score, saying it's a "rider's paradise".

La Mesa Homes For Sale And The Market

Not every address in La Mesa is going to score that high. Places in Mount Helix won't be as walkable as places in downtown La Mesa. Every area will be different.

The point is when buying or selling a home you should know how walkable your home is. It could add or subtract value.


Go to my website and plug in your address (On home page of my site) to see what your walk score is.

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Also, get the skinny on your home by requesting a comparative market analysis (It's free).

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Carlos Aguilar

These are great and valid points about the market of La Mesa. The area has so much to offer and when you consider the great school district it only makes La Mesa more attractive. A recent post about the La Mesa market goes into detail about the affordable homes available for sale. This is definitely a great time to purchase and if you can afford it you should really take Jack's advice and consider purchasing a home in La Mesa.

Oct 26, 2010 05:47 PM
Jack Rowell
Jack Rowell Real Estate - San Diego, CA

Wow. What a cool thing to say. Thanks for being that person who read it.

Oct 27, 2010 01:47 PM
Carlos Aguilar

No problem Jack, it was well written and great information on La Mesa. La Mesa is one of my favorite areas of San Diego because it offers so much for a typical San Diego family.

Oct 27, 2010 02:08 PM
Jack Rowell
Jack Rowell Real Estate - San Diego, CA

I grew up in La Mesa, went to Helix. I love having my office in Downtown LM.

Also, how happy are you with your brokerage? I'm taking on agents, if you're interested. If so, 619-507-7449.


Oct 28, 2010 06:48 AM
Carlos Aguilar

Nice, my mom went to Helix. 

I own and operate the brokerage over here at AXIA - Team Aguilar so I have no plans on going anywhere. :)

Oct 28, 2010 07:24 AM
Jack Rowell
Jack Rowell Real Estate - San Diego, CA

Cool. I guess I was pitching to the wrong guy. Hope to do some biz with you soon.

What year was your mom?

Oct 28, 2010 07:46 AM