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Permit Changes Take Effect

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Permit change takes effect

Suzanne Adams
Miner Staff Writer

Mohave County residents in unincorporated areas have two days left to get zoning permits for their new structures. Starting Saturday, the county will require all new buildings to meet the county building code.

After a number of drawn out public hearings starting in December, the Planning and Zoning Commission approved expanding the code earlier this year. The Board of Supervisors approved the measure in May.

"Residents in the rural areas where the codes will now be enforced should make sure that any recently constructed buildings have zoning permits," Darrell Riedel, the county's chief building officer said. "Due to recent growth, the overlay area is expanding to the whole county. All structure construction in those areas will require building permits after Sept. 1."

However, any buildings that are currently under construction or were finished before the Sept. 1 deadline only need a zoning permit. But that zoning permit must be acquired before Sept. 1. The zoning permit requirement for construction in the unincorporated areas has been in effect since the 1960s, Riedel said.

The main reason behind the expanded code jurisdiction is safety, he said. Homes or other buildings that are not built to code run the risk of fires, collapse or gas leaks.

The code also requires builders to get grading permits in order to move 100 cubic yards or more of dirt. This should prevent flooding in some areas due to construction. For more information, contact the Mohave County Building Division at 757-0903.